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Truth or Dare with Pepe and a Fringe moment!

(A repost from my MySpace which is set to public during the Fringe but will go back to private after, so if you please feel free to request me as a friend! My email is, you'll need that too ;) Enjoy!)

Another night at the Orlando Fringe Festival. I got to see all of the shows I wanted! TJ ( I like to call Tee-jah, one word) Dawe great as always!

Big news at the blue venue!

The blue venue aka the "Baratelli Venue of Improv" or "the blue venue home of Mark Baratelli's Improv Cabaret" has a new tenant!

Here you see the former residence, the desktop players.
See them in action here...


KUDOS to the Kids and Pet Fringe team!!

Congratulations to Corene Fry (Pet Fringe) and Rozz Grigsby (Kids Fringe)!!! Great job ladies! This was in my opinion the best yet. And I hear from Corene she’s hoping to grow the Pet Fringe even more next year! You couldn’t help but stop and watch the kids having a blast. I know I wanted to jump in the bounce house. Hey ladies how about an adult bounce house?

So day 5 you say….

Day 5 aka Tuesday is a repeat day of Monday, you know the kind, it just seems the amse but different. I find myself in place to break my personal record of 32 Fringe year with 19 shows seen before the half way point, which is today!
My 5 started at one of those shows that is near and dear to my heart (and maybe on day to my wallet) Mark Baratelli’s Improv Cabaret in the blue venue. I am very lucky to have seen this show grow since it’s conception last year. Mark almost never stops making me laugh! I laughed so hard I cried.

No fair! Real life gets in the way….

Today, day 2 aka Saturday was a get a really cool toy but then you have to go to Grandma’s day. You know when for whatever reason you finally got a snazzy toy you’ve been waiting for forever but then you have to leave it because you have to go to Grandma’s house. That was my Saturday! Just when the Fringe is in full swing I have to leave it and go to work! At least I got to play for just a bit before rushing off to work the box office for Camelot. At least it’s my final shift while the fringe is here.

Holy Jesus in Montana… I’m already tired

And it’s only day 2!

Tonight was a good salad night. You know, when you have a salad and it’s just the right mix. Not too much lettuce or dressing or other random vegetables that you might enjoy. It was a fun night with just the right shows, food from the fringe vendors and chat with Fringe friends! Megan from ">Cupid and Psyche (orange venue) tells me she was pleased with their first show and that they came in on time!

I love this time of year!

Wow! What a fun night!! Opening night of the 16th Annual Orlando FRINGE! All decked out in my mod 60's best I headed to the 1st offical night of Fringe!!! Mingling with people some of which I haven’t seen since last year, I chatted it up with the likes of John Sullivan and friends from Suitcase of Memories, Jamesson Beane and Logan Donohoo of Coming In, Mark Baratelli of Improv Cabaret just to name a few.

First Flyer (New Badge)

Look for this on the tables and getting stuffed in your hand opening weekend.
Blogging Fringe Card

Blogging Fringe

Grandma Party Report: Genevieve Bernard

Yesterday I went to Stardust Video & Coffee for the Grandma Party Craft Bazaar / Outdoor Concert / Charity Fundraiser. I had a blast! My table involved making original buttons out of whatever materials you brought - most people used the provided paper and markers, but I also had people bring photos, magazine clippings and compositing several pieces together.

The purpose of the table was to promote my networking group, the Florida Creatives Happy Hour. Lots of people were interested, including someone readers of this blog should be familiar with...

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