Day 3 & 4- a mega super combo!!

Sunday was a theme park day….you know the kind. You get up early and go, go, GOOO all day! And what a fun day it was! I started my day off at Cupid and Psyche. Hello musical! Meghan who I’ve seen in Doodie Humor really is a versatile gal! Who knew she had a voice on her. The show was a fun, campy, cute explanation of a few mythological stories. Psyche sounded like a Disney princess. (I forgot to get a program so I don’t know anyone’s bios or names…whoops) I would like to know how long it took Mercury to learn how to wheelie?

A quick, ok not so quick stop to see some Pet Fringe where. Jungle Adventures had some fun animals to get up close and personal with. I ran into my friend and Pet fringe top dog Corene who tells me that next week end is going to be a BIG weekend for Pet Fringe. You know I can’t wait!!!!! Who’s’ up for a kissing camel?

Off to see the Screw You Review in the Brown Venue. Oh my Lord!! Can I just tell you I was laughing so hard I was crying!!!! I almost Pee(drettied) in my pants!!!! If you like to laugh, go see this show and if you don’t like to laugh then SCREW YOU!

A hop down the hallway to the Orange Venue to see VariTEASE: Carnival. Now I’ve seen the last 4 VariTEASE shows and Carnival was my favorite. So I figured what the heck I’ll see it again. I’m so glad I did because babyBlue and her crew blew it up!!! WOW. The addition of Matt Henery who you may remember from Eye Candy and Anthropology 101 was a wonderful addition. And lemme tell you , if you can’t find someone you think is a hottie… well then you might need to get your eyes fixed!

Did a 360 and back in the Orange Venue to see Fringe legend T.J Dawes back this year with the finished product Maxim & Cosmo. TJ always boggles me with his fluid style of story telling. How does he remember all of it? Talent, pure and simple.

A quick trip across “the Green” (formerly known as the Beer tent/ outdoor stage) to hit Sport: Rematch. I am not a sports fan. So last year I didn’t have this show on my schedule bt after hearing person after person sing the praises of the show I had to go and boy, I’m sooo glad I did! Fun, fun, fun!!! Pure and simple fun! I think I and my friends laughed from start to finish! This year is no different! SO go, take a friend, take your kids. This is a Great show for everybody!

I finished my night 3 off with Suitcase of Memories in the Brown venue. This was such a heart warming show. It was so touching and I think it made it even more knowing most of the writers of the show. I am so proud of John Sullivan who’s been telling me about this show since last summer.

Ok now I have to tell you…. I lied! You’ll have to check back for day 4! I’m tired and gotz to get some ZZZs!!!!
I will however leave you with this……..



Mark Baratelli wrote 17 years 4 weeks ago

The Green!

The Green!

Meghan Moroney wrote 17 years 4 weeks ago

Thanks for the praise . . .

Thanks for the praise . . . and thanks for seeing the show (Cupid and Psyche)! We're having a great time!

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