Grandma Party Report: Genevieve Bernard

Yesterday I went to Stardust Video & Coffee for the Grandma Party Craft Bazaar / Outdoor Concert / Charity Fundraiser. I had a blast! My table involved making original buttons out of whatever materials you brought - most people used the provided paper and markers, but I also had people bring photos, magazine clippings and compositing several pieces together.

The purpose of the table was to promote my networking group, the Florida Creatives Happy Hour. Lots of people were interested, including someone readers of this blog should be familiar with... Genevieve Bernard.

Genevieve is the Artistic Director for Voci Dance, as well as the Associate Producer for the Orlando Fringe. While I managed to grab lots of photos at the booth yesterday, I didn't actually get one with Genevieve, but here's one I found on the Fringe Blog.

As artistic director for a dance troupe, Genevieve had her "Dance Cards" in her bag, and when she pulled them out was when I recognized who she was. I told her how much I liked this campaign becuase it was "Very Voci". The reason why is because Genevieve made them. Here are some samples from the photoshoot for "Waiting".

I'm sure you'll be hearing more about Genevieve and Voci as the festival draws closer. I had a great time talking to her, and she's going to be a great candidate for a future interview.

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