Holy Jesus in Montana… I’m already tired

And it’s only day 2!

Tonight was a good salad night. You know, when you have a salad and it’s just the right mix. Not too much lettuce or dressing or other random vegetables that you might enjoy. It was a fun night with just the right shows, food from the fringe vendors and chat with Fringe friends! Megan from http://www.myspace.com/excellentadventure ">Cupid and Psyche (orange venue) tells me she was pleased with their first show and that they came in on time! Wheww!

My boss let me out of work early from the box office of Camelot ( here till Sunday , plug plug, if you’re not fringing) and I squeezed in Matt and Ben(Pink Venue). Check our Emily’s full review of the show to be posted soon!
The guys faced a few of opening night challenges and pulled it off with charm. Put it all together with the talent of the Kyle Beach and Andrew Snyder and guidance of James Brendlinger and you’ve got a really good Fringe show. Guys I hope you’re able to chillax and enjoy the Fringe!

Jesus in Montana(yellow venue) is a crazy journey into religious insanity but as Barry Smith starts to really spin his tale, I caught myself thinking “Wow, maybe he is onto something!” Could I be the next cult member???? If Barry were the one explaining it, I too might have been in the basement with Jesus. His style is relaxed and effortless. A great one man show, that keeps you entertained as well as intellectually engaged. Amen

As I make my way around the Fringe I am adding more and more Fringe crushes to my list. I'm up to 5....does that make me a Crush-ho?

Show: Jesus in Montana
Company: Aspen Comedy Works - Aspen, CO
Venue: Yellow (Orlando Shakes)
Times: 5/18 @ 11:15PM, 5/19 @ 11:45PM, 5/20 @ 6:45PM, 5/22 @ 8:45PM, 5/24 @ 7:40PM, 5/26 @ 6:30PM, 5/27 @ 12:55PM
Tickets: $10
Rating: Mature Audiences

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