Calculus: The Musical!

Apparently, these two from Austin, TX doesn’t need my help. I was told by a professed math lover the other night at the Blogging Fringe tent that he had wanted to see Calculus, but that it had been sold out every night. I believe it, too. The crowd on Saturday night was packed almost to capacity, and everyone, mostly older patrons, laughed at every single joke fired off. The show was whimsical, surprising, well-executed, and above all, the definition of adorkable.

I can’t take credit for making up that word – I thought I might have been the first, but thinking better of my own cleverness, I googled it and found it littered among long-published blogs. Oh well. But I had never truly discovered the epitome of this newly christened vernacular term until I saw this show.

Show: Calculus: The Musical!
Company: Matheatre - Austin, TX
Venue: Red (Orlando REP)
Times: 5/19 - 8:10PM, 5/20 - 10:10PM, 5/24 - 9:05PM, 5/26 - 6:35PM, 5/27 - 8:10PM
Tickets: $10

Everything about it is nerdy. The multi-media, the costumes, the “cameos”, the script, the format, the chemistry between its two actors, the almost lo-fi production feel, the obvious pop-culture and higher mathematics obsessions that went into its creation, everything. You probably heard me say this on the video the other night, but as a former band geek who buddied up with the math and physics kids in high school, this show was the perfect marriage of those two worlds.

The female lead of the show is the cutest person at Fringe so far, second only to TJ Dawe. She somewhat carried the show with her outstanding accompaniment skills and great show voice. The writer and male lead had a hard time projecting, but honestly, that was my only complaint about the show. Everything else about it was 100% satisfying, and will give geeks like myself a strange sense of pride, knowing that we’re not the only one to laugh at jokes about Germans, French pronunciation and spelling, Sir Isaac Newton and this therapist’s obvious concerns, and derivative formulas. I never wanted it to end.

Yeah, totally adorkable.

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Sadie wrote 17 years 4 weeks ago

Hey, thanks! You are so

Hey, thanks! You are so nice! Dawe...cuter than me...???..

No, seriously, thank you for the kind review. So glad you enjoyed it!

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