Hi, We’re Blogging Fringe, and We Know Our Sh*t

It seems the last time we wrote a sparkling review of a then somewhat lesser known artist at Fringe, he won Patron’s Pick. (And he used our quote on his promotional materials, which drove our stock up!) I took a certain sense of pride in knowing that we had picked ourselves a winner. For me, I think when the critical voice meets the things that move people, you have truly great art. Mark Baratelli did that last year, and we congratulate him again this year for winning the Blue Venue Patron’s Pick this year, in a very tough field!

However, we wrote another sparkling review of a show that did not receive such a sparkling review in another publication. May have caused controversy, and yes, I believe that everyone is entitled to their opinion. When I have deep discussions over art and criticism with my mother, she usually says to me, “That’s why they make chocolate and vanilla ice cream.” What one person loves is not for everyone. And any good critic knows that – every good critic, actually. And while I will defend critics and the critique of even shows at a non-juried event like Fringe to the end, it’s nice to say that you can pick a winner.

So we here at Blogging Fringe want to send a special congratulations to the outstanding team behind the Red Venue Patron’s Pick – Calculus: the Musical! What started out as a series of mnemonic devices to remember tricky formulas (I’m really having a Pete and Pete flashback now!) has taken this year’s Fringe by storm, with three sell-out dates and an extremely successful run. Not only that, but Sadie and Marc of Matheatre are two of the nicest people I’ve ever met, and so I just want to extend a special congratulations. We are proud of all of the Patron’s Picks winners, but every blog has to have a darling, I guess.

Hooray for Little Isaac!

Calculus: the Musical! will be playing in the Red Venue at 11am on Monday, May 28th.

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denna wrote 17 years 3 weeks ago

"Hi, We’re Blogging Fringe,

"Hi, We’re Blogging Fringe, and We Know Our Sh*t"... can I get a Whoot-whoot!!!

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