OK, so now what?

Hot on the heels of posting about Emily's record review, let me point you to P-Sha Productions on YouTube (which I'm sure is temporary until they get a real web site) for one. P-Sha is Denna and her friend Joey's creative venture. You've seen their work in the "Little Mark" videos and Fringe Crush of course. They also did a great announcement for the Broadway Across America 07-08 Season.

Jamie is an actor currently in school and I'll be sure to let you know when and where she's performing this season.

One of last year's contributors, Katharine, is currently attending art school in Toronto and keeping up with Boris and WHiRR. She's also been producing a web comic called Robot of Leisure on and off for almost a year now.

As for myself, I have a few things I'd like to talk about. Orlando Scene TV is a brand new project I'm working on with a number of people including Fringe's own Mark Baratelli. Orlando Video is a simple blog where I showcase online video produced locally, and anyone can submit a video. I will soon be re-launching Liberatr.net, the parent website of all my projects, with a new look and feel and loads of new features, like a local bulletin board, a Wikipedia-esque directory of local people and places, event listings, reviews, and links to stuff you want to find. Think Blogging Fringe but for all of Central Florida. The interesting thing is, it will never be complete unless the community gets involved.

Last but not least is the Florida Creatives Happy Hour. Right after I started this group I found out about a few others in town that had more history and more consistent attendance, but I really believe we need a discipline-agnostic, wide-reaching powerful group with the ability to educate, unite disparate groups, and exist independent of a government or corporation. We get together on the third Monday of every month at the Crooked Bayou in downtown Orlando (and hopefully other cities in Florida soon) to have a beer and meet up. That's it. No agenda, no membership fee. You even get a free button! Event listings and RSVPs Upcoming.

Please keep Blogging Fringe in your subscriptions, as we're going to do our best to keep some great content coming out here all year long, particularly for Orlando Puppet Festival this fall. We still have a few more reviews to post, a few more videos to upload and lots more reflection to do for next year. I might be trying to make it to another Fringe this summer - I'll keep you posted.

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