Top Six Fringe Crushes

“I have a crush on EVERY BOY!” No, not really, but close!

6. Tod Kimbro. I failed to get to his show, but I saw him everywhere, laughing and enjoying everything. And I regretted not seeing his show intensely. I loved his score for DRIP, and I have made up my mind that he’ll be the first thing I see next year.

5. Max from Six Characters. I don’t know exactly what it was. The way he pulls out his gun in the priest uniform. The way he first flips the bird. I can’t put my finger on it (hur hur). But he just embodies cool. I love him!

4. Willy from DRIP and VarieTEASE. I knew he was in both because I saw DRIP the night his hair protector fell off mid-dance, and the entire VarieTEASE cast was also behind us at that show, continually screaming out praises. But he was so awesome in VarieTEASE that my Fringe crush buddy and I could hardly contain ourselves.

3. Gus the Kissing Camel!

2. Calculus: the Musical! It started out as just a special affinity (also known as a girl crush) for Sadie, but I can’t leave Marc out. This whole show and both these two people are totally crushworthy!

1. T.J. Dawe. Could it be anyone else? He is the Fringe Idol, he is the ultimate Fringe Crush. Well, for girls. Guys (gay, straight, or other) are all up on the Poofy duVey. And it’s not that I don’t love her. I just don’t *crush* her. T.J. Dawe is just magic, and he’s genuinely nice, too. Which works because it makes Maxim and Cosmo that much more believable. Although from what we’ve heard, he wouldn’t really take anyone up on the offer he made during his show.

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SandraD wrote 17 years 3 weeks ago

I guess my feminine and

I guess my feminine and masculine sides are balanced, because I *crush* both TJ & Courtney (Poofy) FCF!!! (Fringe Crush Forever- at least till next Fringe)!

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