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When your work appears on the internet and you suggest that the only info you could find was on Maupin's blog, you'd better be ready for some bloggers to find you and slam your shit. Rick Pender from the all-knowing, singing, dancing, elephant-taming CityBeat A&E Blog seems to think that if you can't find information about Patron's Pick on the official website, then it must not be true.

Seriously man, the first comment gives you THREE LINKS to follow! You couldn't find those? Try using the words "orlando" "fringe" and especially "blog", why dontcha! Add the word "calculus" (because that's what you're searching for) and watch our review sit right below the one you linked to, and then tell me you couldn't find it! I know you live in Cincinatti, but I think the internet tubes that run there are the same as the ones down here, and I'm pretty damn sure Google works the same everywhere.

He then proceeds to call Patron's Pick by the wrong name, calling it audience pick, like he can't use the right terminology. Is he trying to discredit our festival or Calculus: The Musical! Just because you don't like something is no reason to keep dragging it through the mud every chance you get! Your Fringe reviewer liked the show, why all this hate? More than one person can play this game, CityBeat! Get off your ass, we're watching now!

Please go to this blog and leave Rick a comment. He deserves to know that lazy reporting will be called out on the internet.

P.S. Rick: We have these things called Web Stats, ever heard of them? I know for a fact that the night before this blog was published, someone searching for "Calculus the Musical" did in fact find our blog, so for the last time, don't say you can't find the info.

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