The Whuffie Factor (AKA the Game) Orlando Fringe

This year at the Fringe, Blogging Fringe has created a game we hope you're really going to love. The object is to earn Whuffie, which is the most valuable currency known to man.


What's a Whuffie?

Whuffie are virtual points which represent respect, a "Reputation Currency". You earn whuffie as people credit you out of respect, gratitude, pity, lust, love, or any other motive for popularity.

"Whuffie recaptured the true essence of money: in the old days, if you were broke but respected, you wouldn't starve; contrariwise, if you were rich and hated, no sum could buy you security and peace. By measuring the thing that money really represented — your personal capital with your friends and neighbors — you more accurately gauged your success".

During the Orlando Fringe Festival, there will be plenty of opportunities to collect Whuffie. Attend a special event, donate to the Fringe or sponsor a show, volunteer your time, write a blog, share your photos, record a Fringe Crush video... you get the picture.

It's everybody's game

In this game, anyone can create challenges, and deliver them in any format they like. We will be handing out paper lists to start, more like a traditional scavenger hunt. As the week goes on, we invite you to create your own missions and get involved. You can use them to promote a show, or just to see crazy Fringe people doing your bidding, you evil puppet master! It's all in the spirit of fun.

How to Play

  1. Find someone at the festival handing out game books. You might recognize them from the videos on this site.
  2. Get Involved with the Longest-Running Fringe Festival in the US
  3. Make your friends join in (just like you made them go to Fringe at first)
  4. Earn outrageous prizes, meet new people, play silly games, and HAVE FUN!

Getting a Baseline
You start out with 5 Whuffie for each year you've attended Fringe, and 15 for each year you've volunteered - If this is your first year at the Orlando Fringe, you earn 10 Whuffie. 20 extra Whuffie for attending other Fringes, and 10 bonus points for attending a Fringe overseas. Fringe performers get an extra 20 Whuffie, and Fringe Staff or Board Members add 50 Whuffie (we're not playing favorites).

Earning Points
There are many ways to earn points, which are often things similar to:

  • Patronize the Fringe and Local businesses
  • Take photos, make video, blog and tweet
  • Get other people involved
  • Spread the word about Fringe shows
  • Help out at the Fringe - volunteer or lend support
  • Tell stories - meet people - spread the passion around

Enough reading, on to the festival!

Your Thoughts

We'd love to know what you think. If you have suggestions for challenges or games, please use the contact page. Comments are very very very welcome! (+2 points)

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