Fringe 2010 Applications Open, $50 off before 9/15

Beth has sent out an announcement about the application for the 2010 Orlando Fringe. The normal $250 application fee is $50 off if you apply before September 15th.

Greetings Fringers!~
Artists Guidelines
2010 Orlando International Fringe Theatre Festival, May 20th - 31st
It's that time again to start gearing up for the 2010 ORLANDO FRINGE!!!
Applications will be accepted Sept. 1st-Nov. 15th 2009. All guidelines and applications will be at by Sept. 1st!

GET YOUR APPLICATION IN WITHIN THE 1st 2 weeks to receive a $50-$100 discount!

Here is a heads up on the guidelines! Please spread the word!


The Orlando International Fringe Festival is the oldest continuously producing Fringe Festival in the United States fully committed to a model of 100% un-juried (meaning we the staff/board of the festival do not choose which shows will be in the festival), 100% uncensored, 100% accessible, and offer 100% of box office ticket sales back to you, the artist!


The Festival is committed to giving artists the opportunity to produce work in a non-juried arena. Applications are accepted into a venue lottery, rather than through a juried selection process. The only constraints on material or content are the consideration of legality and the health and safety of all those involved, including artists, staff, volunteers and audiences. The Fringe reserves the right to enforce necessary safety measures.
• Orlando Fringe does not make scheduling accommodations. Please make sure your company is ready and available to perform between 4 pm & 2 am during festival weekdays and 10 am & 2 am during festival weekends. Schedules will be sent out in March.
• Individual producers/production companies are ONLY allowed to produce 1 show in the festival. You may not produce more than one show under your name, an alias, or production company. If you are found in violation, all shows involved will be removed from the lottery or the festival.
• If your show needs to drop out for any reason, you may not sell your slot to anyone else.


Entry forms are accepted into a venue lottery, with adherence to the following geographically tiered quotas:
• 50% of the slots are reserved for local companies (companies from within Central Florida)
• 25% for national (companies applying from outside Central Florida, but within the US)
• 25% for international (all other companies).
• Should the national/international quotas not be met, local groups will fill the remaining slots.

• We begin accepting applications on September 1, 2009. (Applications received by September 15, 2009 will receive a $50 discount).
• Deadline for applications is Nov. 15th, 2009 at 5pm.
• Applications arriving after this date will be placed on a waiting list and assigned a venue slot as they become available and will NOT be included in the lottery.
• A public lottery will be held in late November to determine groups in the 2010 festival.
• All applicants will be notified (e-mail) of their acceptance as well as their waitlist status.
• Companies must submit withdrawals in writing by January 1st, 2010 in order to have their application fee refunded in part. ($250 is NON-refundable)
• Any withdrawal after January 1st, 2010 will not be refunded unless it is due to an extreme circumstance. (Not having your show ready or losing an actor in the cast, does not constitute as an extreme circumstance)


• Guidelines must be read. Application forms must be completed fully and correctly, sent in by deadline and include the accurate fee in order to be entered into the lottery.
• Going GREEN! Please submit your application via email with a credit card if possible. This is the PREFERRED method of applying to the Fringe!
o Hand-delivered applications will be accepted starting on September 2, 2009.
o If you wish to drop off your application, email to schedule a time to do so.
o Office address: 398 West Amelia Street, Orlando, Fl. 32801. The office is inside the Centroplex parking garage next to SAK on the 1st floor.
o Starting September 1, 2009, applications will also be accepted via mail. Applications should be mailed to: Orlando Fringe, 398 W. Amelia Street, Orlando, FL 32801 c/o Producer Beth Marshall.
• PAYMENTS ACCEPTED: Visa/MC, personal check, Money Order, Cashier’s Check, Cash. Please make checks payable to: The Orlando Fringe.
• Please note- all checks and credit cards will be run immediately. Please have the appropriate funds in your accounts. Should a check or credit card be declined, there will be a fee of $30 and your application will not be in the lottery until the all fees are paid in full.

• ALL groups pay a base rate of $250 to apply ($200 if application is in by Sept. 15th, 2009 at 5pm.) This fee is a NON-REFUNDABLE fee unless you are not picked in the lottery.
• The remainder of your fee is contingent on the seat capacity of your venue and the amount of performances you do.
• Seat Capacity Fee is $0.75 a seat. Venues’ seat capacity ranges from 50 to 320.
• Piano rental is $100. (Only ORANGE, PINK, BROWN and BLUE offer piano rental)


Before committing your company to perform in the Festival, you should consider whether your production would be completely ready. Keep in mind that your show will be competing with many other productions for audience and visibility. Fringe Festival audiences take risks, but they also tell the truth. Word-of-mouth spreads fast and shows that do not measure up soon find themselves with small audiences and, consequently, little financial compensation. If you don’t think you’ll be ready, wait until 2011 to participate.

• Show length must NOT exceed 60 minutes in the following venues: RED, PINK, BROWN, GREEN, YELLOW, and BLUE.
• Show length must NOT exceed 90 minutes in the following venues: ORANGE or SILVER.
• The majority of Fringe shows are 60 minutes across the Fringe circuit. It is our experience, that 60 minutes is the BEST length for a Fringe show.


If your show goes over its scheduled show length, your show will be cut off. If this happens more than once, you will be fined $50 for each additional run-over.

• Fringe provides you with a professional venue tech to run your light and soundboard.
• It is not required you have your own Stage Manager, but it is encouraged.
• Fringe handles all front of house and ticketing.
• You have a flat 20 minutes to load in your show and a flat 10 minutes to load it out on each performance.
• There is limited storage per venue, so keep your sets/props/costumes simple. However, all venues offer some storage.
• The lighter the tech in your show is - the better!
• Focus on the quality of your show.
• You must provide all your own projectors, screens, sets, props, costumes, tools, chords/cables, tape, staples (anything related to your show) Please do not rely on Fringe to have these things for you. If you need help in finding something, please ask well in advance - not during your tech.
• Fringe provides a 3 hour tech for RED, BLUE, GREEN, YELLOW, BROWN, and PINK venues
• Fringe provides a 5 hour tech for SILVER and ORANGE venues.
• Plan on loading in your show, doing a cue to cue with your Venue Tech and a full run within your allotted tech time.
• ALL groups MUST fill out a tech form completely and have it in to Fringe by Jan. 1st, 2010. Groups that do not turn their tech forms in by this date will be fined $10 for each late day.
• Your tech form will have detailed guidelines of all tech policies and procedures. However please take note when applying that due to our rental agreement with our venues, the following is NOT allowed on the stages-live/open flame of any kind (fire, candles etc..), fog/haze, bubble machines, live gunshots, smoke of any kind or any UNAPPROVED stage blood, liquid, food, paint, substance that could potentially damage the venue.


• It is crucial to have email. ALL communication to artists is done regularly through email. Please make sure you respond promptly to all emails and save them for reference.
• Please make sure the Fringe office has your most recent
email information.
• Please fully read all the emails sent to you in a timely
• Please don’t hesitate to contact us at anytime with questions or concerns.
• Please check your email regularly for updates.

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