2010 Orlando Fringe Lottery Results

Re-posted from the Orlando Fringe group on Facebook:

Hello anxious Fringe artists and patrons of The Fringe~

As it stands- the following folks are in the 2010 Orlando Fringe. 72 companies!! All venue slots are full!

Here's to a very successful 2010 Fringe!
I will update you all as more developments happen.

The list is by venue in the order of Show company, Show title, location, number of total shows, length of show.


Rob Gee, Fruitcake, Luicester, UK 7/60
freeFall, Oddlie, Tampa, FL 6/60
Jessica Mariko/Linda Elchak, Balance, Orlando, FL 7/45
Powerstories, Bernadettes Bravo, Tampa FL 4/60
Cara Cibvlsky, Angels, Orlando, FL 5/60
Lucky Artists, Divine Will, Brooklyn, NY 4/60
Kris Kahn, Aphrodite's Dungeon, Orlando, FL 6/60
Seabreeze Alumni, CONFORM!, Port Orange, FL 6/60
Octopus' Garden, Cat Women of Moon, Winter Park, FL 6/60
Alexander Productions, Lyssa, Winter Park, Fl. 7/60


Bundles of Joy, TBA,Sakatoon, SK 7/60
Eyewitness Theatre, Trojan Women, Manchester, UK 7/75
Cody Rivers, Cody Rivers, Bellingham, WA 7/60
OYA, Let's Make a Gay Deal, Orlando, FL 7/60
ribbitREPublic, Letters in Wartime, Edmonton, AB 7/90
babyBlueStar, VarieTEASE, Orlando, FL 7/60
Sunnyside Productions, Procrastination, Orlando, FL 7/60
IBEX, IBEX Showcase, Orlando,Fl. 7/90


Destination Ink, Lucky Girl, Toronto, ON 7/60
Celebration Barn, Soiree, So. Paris, ME 7/60
Jeff Wirth, Pla, Orlando, FL 6/60
Rake, Tropical Depression, Boynton Bch, FL 5/50
Playrights Round Table, TBA, Orlando, FL 7/55
Hawk and Wayne, Dumb Show, St. Pete, FL 7/60
Corner Elevator, Sweater, Mt. Dora, FL 7/60
Steve Berglund, Disgressions, Mt. Pleasant, MI 4/55
Feline Five, Full of Grace, Debary, FL 7/50


Martin Docery, Bike Trip, Brooklyn, NY 7/75
Yow, Elements of Change, Orlando, FL 6/90
OYT,(a show TBA after Dec. 15th ), Orlando, FL 6/90
Mark Whitney, Fool for a Client, San Marcos, CA 7/90
Warren Acting, TBA, Mt Dora, FL 7/90
TheatreWorks, Great American Trailer Park Musical, Davenport, FL 7/90


Mychael Peters, Hair Show, Orlando, FL 7/30
Mark richman, Moogda, Orlando, FL 6/55
Preuss/Preuss, Reflections of a Sinful Man, Casselberry, FL 7/23
Francisco Laboy, Barely Latino, Orlando, FL 7/60


Shosinz, From Tokyo with Love, Tokyo 7/60
XXXplicit, XXXplicit, Seattle, WA 7/60
Humor Mill, Humor Mill, Davenport, FL 7/60
Nempesh, Gimpel the Fool, Israel 7/50
Andrew Connor, TBA, Bellingham, WA 7/60
Per4mAnts, Dream Express, Orlando, FL 7/60
Big Sandwich, Triange, Vancouver, BC 7/60
Open Door, Organizational Opression, Brooklyn, NY 5/60
Mo Laughs, Hell Freezes Over, Orlando, FL 7/60


Brian Feldman, car
Jeff Feree, closet


Night of the Nightwolf. Night of Nightwolf. Orlando, FL 7/60
Neil Bernard, Terry Tippit's..., Orlando, FL 7/60
Viet Nguyen- Reincarnation Soup- Orlando, Fl. 6/60
Freeline Productions- Copping A Craigie – Orlando, Fl. 6/60
Mark Baratelli- Mark Baratelli- Orlando, Fl -7/60
Tod Kimbro- Robots Stole My Piano- Orlando, Fl -7/60


Rachel Fordye, TBA, Winnipeg, MB 7/60
Tethersend, Saucy Jack, Toronto, ON 7/60
Paul Strickland, Brighter Shade of Blue, Louisville, KY 7/50
Screw You Revue, Up the Wazoo, Orlando, FL 7/60
Econoic Stimulus, Reefer: Play, St. Pete, FL 7/60
DiDonna/Empty Spaces, Peg O'Keefe, Orlando, FL 6/60
Jester, Is This Seat Taken?, Oakland, FL 7/60
Chase Padgett- 6 Guitars- Orlando Fl. 6/60
T-O-T-A-L-L-Y! KimLeigh- T-O-T-A-L-L-Y! LA, CA 7/60


Wog, TBA, Toronto, ON 7/60
Jonny McGovern, Dirty Stuff, Sun City, AZ 6/60
Uncarved, Blood Feather, Clermont, FL 7/60
Tim Mooney, Dancing Nude, Prospect Hts, IL 6/60
Casting Shadows, Dreams, Schemes..., Orlando, FL 7/60
Mental Multitrack, Julie Bunny Must Die, Ozark, MO 7/60
John Ryan/Divas, Janine Klein: Gay Bar Star, Orlando, FL 7/60
Schave & Reilly, Some Other Day, Austin, TX 7/50
Quiet Desperation, Ironhead..., Orlando, FL 7/60

Please note that a few shows will often pull out of the festival and a few waitlist companies will get in to the festival - also, a few of the waitlist companies will pull themselves off of the waitlist. Lastly, we have had a history of some folks switching to a Bring Your Own Venue and getting added as "special" / patron's pick day performances as well.

16 WAITLIST as it currently stands on 11/24 at 8pm- everyone else that was waitlisted has opted to drop out and is already refunded.

GOAT- Annie Todd The Demon Orphan of Fleet Street- Orlando

Lusty Lils Music Company- Halloween The Musical- Orlando

Pathos Theatre- Blasted –Orlando

PlayTheMoment- Project f- Orlando

Doodie Poo Poo- Doodie Humor Presents The Rise of Captain Doodie- Orlando Fringe

paperStranger- Medea –Indianapolis, IN

Utmost Productions- Drama Queens! The Musical- Orlando

Wallflower Theatre- Words With The Detective- Altamonte Springs

Satori- Cliché’-Orlando

Voci Dance-TBA- Orlando

Dinky Pflug Productions- Sun/Storm - Orlando

Windwhistle Theatre- The Whimsical Ireland of Percy French- Nevada City, Ca

Too Much Free Time Productions- The Last Straight Man In Theatre- Brooklyn, Ny

Florida Opera Theatre- The Tales of Hoffman- Orlando

John Hefner- TBA- Cabin John, Maryland

The Bengsons- Aint that Good New- Middlebury,Vermont

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