2010 Fringe Updates from Facebook

Jeremy Seghers
had a wonderful night at Fringe! I highly recommend Lucky 9, The Shakespeare Show & The Bike Trip. Looking forward to Cody Rivers & Peg O'Keef tomorrow.

Paul Castaneda
Was so happy to see great performances yesterday from Lana Hancock Stevens, Katrina Johnson, Kevin Sigman, and Sarah Lockard to name a few. Love Fringe!

Ibex Puppetry
Check out our review in the Watermark! Don't miss the next Goblin Party Interactive @ Orlando Fringe 5/25 at 9:20pm

Katie Ball
Can't do big write ups today, y'all - applying for a position with the Orlando Shakes and needing to get my butt back out to the Fringe. Will say that I had three home runs yesterday - "Some Other Time" [sic] was beautifully sweet, "T-O-T-A-L-L-Y" was inspiring and empowering, "Goblin Party" was so much freaking fun!!! Imagine Rocky Horror interaction but with Labyrinth!! Great times yesterday. More soon.

Elizabeth Farmer
Excited to be speaking tonight at Orlando Fringe! :o)
(referring to the Small Talks / Battledecks last night)

Anna McCambridge
thought TJ Dawe probably got it right when he guessed she was (mainly) a 2, that his performance was once again inspired and even more courageous than usual, and she thought Martin Dockery's show was splendid, image-rich and well-done. Seventeen pieces of artwork have sold so far in the Visual Fringe, which is great! Come see the artwork for yourself. :)

Ryan Price
Had a great event last night! Huge thanks to Elizabeth Farmer and John Rife for their slides, and Tod Caviness and Chick O'Brian for the impromptu Small Talks as well! Thanks also to www.instantsnapification.com for the photos. Finally, to Myk Freitag for the projector. I think we all had fun at Small Talks. See you this summer!

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