Fringe 20 Photo Shoot! 2/7 @OrlandoShakes

This will be the 20th year of Orlando Fringe, so apparently the theme this year is a 20 year reunion. Fringe is hoping to have people come in past Fringe t-shirts to the Shakes to get a massive group photo. They did something similar a few years ago for the "protest" theme, and the shots came out great.

From Beth Marshall:

We will be taking a long shot group photo in front of Orlando Shakespeare Theatre (812 East Rollins St.) on Mon. Feb. 7th at 4:30pm.
The look of this shot will be that of a group class photo in a highschool yearbook.
We want YOU to be a part of this event!

Here's how you can help...
Bring yourself, your friends, kids, spouse, partner, pets etc... and pose for this shot.
Come dressed in either past Fringe T-shirts, past show t-shirts OR a highschool archtype such as (Goth, punk, geek, jock, teacher, prep, etc...)

It is important to be on time for this event. It will take no longer than 45 minutes max of your time and will be lots of fun. A Free tix for beer or wine for Fab Fringe, Preview or the festival itself will be given to all that participate.

Please RSVP to by Feb. 4th at 5pm and let him know how many will be in your party and what you will be dressed as.

P.S. The Fab Fringe Fundraiser is coming up Feb 28th - mark your calendar! Blogging Fringe will be there.

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