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After seeing The Traveler and Songs of Mirth and Mayhem today, I went to Club Pita with a friend, and we hung out a bit late. I need to get some sleep now, but I will post the reviews tomorrow afternoon, promise.

If you read Elizabeth Maupin's blog today, you'll see that she was having some trouble with her blog software. I suppose that is one reason for neglecting a post about Orlando Puppet Festival until 28 hours after it opened. I posted as soon as I got home from the first show, and at least I mentioned it in my post on Sunday. I don't want to get braggy, but I do want to point out a lack of support for this event from the traditional media in town. There are plenty of puppet festivals around, but only one Orlando Puppet Festival. The Fringe gets insane amounts of coverage, and this event (and other events like the Orlando Film Festival should get similar fanfare. If the media are not willing to support Orlando Art, than who but the bloggers and blog readers can get the word out?

Also: Mayor Buddy was in attendance at the Orlando Film Fest, but what about this event? Does he know it's happening? Does he have the time to attend the cocktail reception on Saturday? Also on the point of the traditional media: if the Mayor of Orlando attends an event, it sounds pretty newsworthy to me. Explain that one.

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arfnotz wrote 15 years 5 weeks ago

Mayor DRYER, not DYER dropped

Mayor DRYER, not DYER dropped by in the from of local Perfomance artist Brian Feldman. Sorry for any confusion.

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