Orlando Fringe 2007 Shows Announced!

I got a chance to attend the lottery drawing for the Fringe Shows and Play in a Day this week. Beth said they had 91 applicants this year, which I'm sure breaks some sort of record.

To explain, under the rules laid down by the Canadian Ass'n of Fringe Festivals (CAFF), our festival must reserve 20% of their spots for international shows and 20% for shows from their home country. Our Fringe is the oldest in America, coming up on the 16th year, with over $175,000 going to the performers last year and projections for this year are higher as we are adding a new venue. The Silver Venue will be in the Orlando Rep, which I believe is where they have held Kid's Fringe in the past, but I could be wrong.

Beth told us they are expecting 60-68 shows this year with 84 approved from the lottery drawing, which is great compared to last year's 58. Best of luck to all the producers and performers, as well as a Happy Thanksgiving to all their friends and families! (except the Canadians and the one company from overseas, I guess)

(thanks to the Fringe Blog for the info)

Armando Simon Local
Futura Bold Local
Jessica Mariko and Marla Mirabal Local
Maf54 Local
PB&J Brewery Local
Peter Alden Entertainment Local
InFlux Dance National

Big Sandwich Productions International (Vancouver, British Columbia)
Guys in Disguise International (Edmonton, Alberta)
Babyblue Star Productions LLC Local
Doodie Humor Local
Douglas Productions (Boys) Local
Excellent Adventure Productions Local
Watson Arts National (Brooklyn, NY)

Ricardo's Flamenco Flow International (Edinburgh, Scotland and Bolivia)
Angel Kiss Productions Local
Dr. Smyles Circus Inc. Local
Kevin Gavin Local
SoundStage Local
The Green Room Company Local
Winter Springs Performing Arts Local
Yellow Light Productions Local
Six Characters National (New York, NY)

Voci Dance Local
Chipped Paint Productions International (Vancouver, British Columbia)
Goddess Productions International (Toronto, Ontario)
Out of Pocket International (Edmonton, Alberta)
Tethersend Productions International (Toronto, Ontario)
The Roodie Pancake Experiment International (Toronto, Ontario)
CineDance Jazz Dance Local
Aspen Comedy Works National (Aspen, CO)
Courtney Cunningham National (Brooklyn, NY)
theater simple National (Seattle, WA)

Brett Nicholson Local
Duck Church Productions Local
Last Minute Panic Productions Local
Micai Productions Local
Michi Productions Local
Orlando Gay Chorus Local
Penguin Point Productions Local
Gemma Wilcox National
The Studio Theatre of Wellington National (Wellington, FL)
Too Much Religion Inc. National (Palm Beach Gardens, FL)

4:2:Five Local
Baggypants Theater Company Local
Carbon Productions Local
Cattle Prods. Local
Clarion Refugees Local
Everybody Dance Local
Green Lunch Box Productions Local
LMW Workshop Local
Matanzas Project Local
Bashful Scandinavian Productions National (New York, NY)

Dewie Chaffee Local
Douglas Productions (Saint Kristie) Local
Kangagirl Productions LLC Local
Kirk Marsh Local
Nothin' Productions Local
Orlando Youth Alliance Local
Peripheral Vision Local
Randy Productions Local
The Living Room Players Local

Boutwell Diniz Productions Local
Playwrights Roundtable Local
The Sturm und Drang Company Local
Awkward Moment Productions National (Minneaplois, MN)
DeXdance Contemporary Dance Company National (Wall, NJ)
Judith Black: Storyteller National (Marblehead, MA)
Magic Taylor'd for You! National (Indianapolis, IN)
Matheatre National (Austin, TX)
The Habit Productions National (Seattle, WA)
Too Much Free Time Productions National (New York, NY)

Endangered Productions International (Edmonton, Alberta)
ReAL Theatre International (Toronto, Ontario)
DnA Productions Local
DnA Productions/M-n-N Theatrical Local
I.D. 10-t productions Local
Mark Baratelli Local
Slothco Productions Local
Tod Kimbro Local
Name Change Pending Extreme Improv Troupe National (Boytnon Beach, FL)

Wanzie Presents: Forbidden Fringe (Silver- 2 shows only)
Brian Feldman: Photobooth Marathon - (Bring Your Own Venue)

Expect to see lots more about all of these shows here at Blogging Fringe.

A note on the Special Event Shows: Blogging Fringe friend Brian Feldman has said he is going to be spending 24 hours in a photobooth at the Orlando Rep opening weekend, making a Guiness World Record attempt. Also something very exciting from Michael Wanzie this year: he will be attending all of the shows and writing a musical that will play on Patron's Pick day in the new Silver Venue. I'm not sure what the second show will be, but Beth said something about the awards show...

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Brian Feldman wrote 17 years 30 weeks ago

I predict that the 2007

I predict that the 2007 Orlando Fringe will be the best attended and most successful yet, and that everyone's gonna love the offerings of the new venue most. Silver Venue is best!

It would appear as though Beth meant that Wanzie was going to have 2 performances of "Forbidden Fringe" and not 2 different Fringe shows. The reason is obvious - there'll be major demand for that one; two sellouts in the Festival's largest venue, as all will want to see it. Hopefully, in order to cope with the demand, potential audience members will only be able to attend one of the two. (Just my suggestion.)

And yes, it's true Ryan. Guinness World Record attempt is go. Hello Hypertensive Retinopathy! I trust you'll find your way into the booth at some point during the run. How does 4:32am sound?

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