New! Blogtracker and Video

If you visit our web site over at, you will see a handful of new pages. These are just a few of the features we plan on adding to the site to gear up for this year's Fringe season.

  1. Blogtracker: This page explains that we have set up a special Fringe News tracker at This is really cool. As we add more blogs to the list, the tracker will make connections between people's posts and start to show where the conversation is happening. This page also gives you instructions on how to get your blog listed.
  2. Video: This one is pretty self-explanatory in my eyes. As the various groups providing Fringe coverage post new videos to YouTube and other locations, this video page will try to keep up and give you a single location to go and watch them all without leaving the page. We will have a player for the official Fringe Videocast, Patroncast, as well as one of our own. If you want your video here you can use the next page...
  3. Contact: Now it is super-simple to contact Blogging Fringe. Just enter your email address and a subject, no need to log in to your email. Of course, you can always do so and send your messages to info [at] bloggingfringe DOT com.
  4. Shows: Again, no mystery here. Eventually I hope to list web sites, MySpace pages, YouTube profiles, and RSS Feeds for as many of the shows and theatre troupes possible. Again, you can make this page better for everyone via the contact form or email.

That's all for now! Lots more stuff is coming too, like interviews, videos, podcasts, photos, and more blogging of course.

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