Linwood Sassy’s Screw You Review

I've just finished writing a post over on Orlando Video about Dewey Chaffee. You might recognize the name, but if not, just know that he is associated with a certain grumpy old man who has emerged as one of the early adopters of this whole YouTube/MySpace/promote your show/promote early/promote often... thing. If you have a Fringe show, look at what Linwood and Dewey are putting together.

I can't really say what the show is all about, but it's very clear that Linwood thinks our little festival is below his celebrity. Here's a quote from his MySpace:

I know what those "festivals" are all about: a bunch of homosexuals runnin' around on stage NAKED and callin' it "art." Screw that! I refuse to do it. So don't get too excited about my show. I'm not comin'.


Ryan wrote 14 years 42 weeks ago
Ryan wrote 14 years 42 weeks ago

Oh yeah. This is what we

Oh yeah. This is what we refer to in the internet industry as "Link Baiting" - i.e. I write an article about you so you will find it and comment on it.

Honestly for Fringe shows that is the best way to get in touch with you guys and beg for comp. tickets. HA!


[...] This post is a bit of a

[...] This post is a bit of a cross-over with another site of mine, Blogging Fringe. It is relevant because it fits into both sites so neatly. Here is a local comedian with a show in the Fringe Festival working hardcore to promote his show with video. Dewey Chaffee has been performing comedy for fifteen years. His brand of comedy is honest, charming, and hilariously insightful. Dewey is based in Orlando, Florida, which has been his home for the past twenty-five years. He spends his time writing, performing improv comedy and booking gigs all over the country as a professional “Ace Ventura” celebrity impersonator. [...]

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