Some shows to watch (I think)

I've just done a massive amount of work on the 2007 Shows page for the site, and I think I have some tips for you...

  1. Go International - We have a few shows coming from overseas and a fair amount from Canada - give these shows a shot. Last year people waited to see Real Time (Out of Pocket) before it was too late, mostly because they were unknown.
  2. Go against your gut - Clown makeup, an Ukulele and a tutu (Burden of Poof) should not scare you, and I hope to God men in drag or wearing nothing don't scare you, as they're all over our festival.
  3. Check out dance and slapstick - last year's Voci (waiting...) and Sport (Rematch) proved to our audiences that the human body is a tool - one show is turning it into a moving canvas (DRIP) - others are silent. You will regret it if you don't check out a few of these shows.
  4. Repeat business isn't always good business - The fact that a company comes back year after year probably means they apply that often. Don't think poorly of said productions, but I don't want you to favor the longer-running shows.
  5. See something in the Yellow Venue - Several shows I've mentioned are in this venue, and to me it just feels the most like a theatre... Perhaps the Silver Venue has some tricks up its sleeve? Also, I don't think I've ever been to Purple (or is it Red?)... as far as venues go, I am happy some shows are playing in Yellow
  6. Don't listen to me - I'm just a guy with a blog, this is only my second year doing this and maybe my 5th year at the Fringe - ASK SOMEONE IN LINE WITH 16 BUTTONS. If they can't help you, no one else can!

If you haven't been to Blogging Fringe proper in a few weeks, it is worth checking out. I've been working hard, and come Sunday, we will have a small army of bloggers and contributors helping out as well. Bookmark it, put it in your feedreader, subscribe via email, get on Twitter, whatever it takes. Don't let the conversation pass you by.


Grazillda wrote 17 years 3 weeks ago

Can't make today's meeting at

Can't make today's meeting at Stardust, just couldn't free up my time. We're interesting in becoming an active part of BloggingFringe, can we get a password without attending???

Ryan wrote 17 years 3 weeks ago

Yes, anyone can participate,

Yes, anyone can participate, you need only ask!

Marc Batchelor wrote 17 years 3 weeks ago

Not trying to plug, but I'm

Not trying to plug, but I'm curious - was there something missing from Bat Boy? Seems it got positive feedback from the preview. In the interest of "full disclosure", I'm a cast member of the show. So, if there's something to be improved upon, I'd appreciate the feedback so I can communicate it to the director before the show.

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