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Hey everyone, I'd like to bring to your attention Blogging Fringe's coverage of individual shows - we are working hard to post links to websites, at least one photo, a decent amount of text and showtimes (still in progress, I think there are 6 of these up now). As I said before, if you find anything missing (or you'd like us to add/change something) please email < info AT bloggingfringe DOT com >. If you sent us a press release over email, we have made an effort to include this information on the site.

One thing I'd like to do to flesh out these pages is to include links to your past press, preferably for the show, but also for your company or perhaps writers/directors/leads. This is purely for an audience to gain more perspective. A major goal of our website is to use the web more effectively than the guys down the street (paper, TV, radio).

That's all! Send us web links to reviews - they can be web videos, blogs, newspapers, TV appearances, podcasts, whatever! If it is a short (one to three paragraph) review that doesn't exist on the web, we can copy and paste it from email.

Once again, < info AT bloggingfringe DOT com > is the email you need for us.

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