Fringe Programs (changes)

With less than a week until the festival, you can now pick up programs all around Orlando - I've got one from Stardust. In a seemingly typical fashion, there are errors in the program. They're correct on the Fringe Website and our individual shows pages, so don't worry if you're looking online, but make sure you double check if your show has dancing canvases, Marlon Brando, or dance/film mash-ups. CineDance only has three shows to begin with, so you don't want to miss one because of a misprint. Here's a message from Beth Marshall about programs:

Fringe Programs

Should you wish to get a hard copy Fringe program, you may do so at one of the following places starting now and all throughout Fringe:

The Orlando Repertory Theatre
The Orlando-UCF Shakespeare Festival
The Fringe office
Pom Pom's TeaHouse
The Closing Agent
The Parliament House
StarDust Coffee/Video
Dandelion Café
Austin's Coffee House
Urban Think
Comfort Suites on Magnolia

Fringe Program Changes (!!!)

Please note the following changes in the program:

Page 9: Too Much Religion Inc.: A Love Lost Life
"Film legend, Marlon Brando reflects on his life as an icon. Scattered between his recollections are true events leading up to his greatest performance, testifying at his son's murder trial."
5/19 - 2:45 PM should be 5/20 - 2:45 PM

Page 14: DRIP paint in motion
"The dancers paint and the paint dances. Music by Tod Kimbro."
5/19 - 6:00 PM should be 5/18 - 10:55 PM

Page 19: CineDance Jazz Dance: LIVE FEED
"Film and dance collide as this company explodes onto stage!
"Eloquent, athletic, dynamic dancer; classicism, jazz, gestural expressivity and a little funk." - Diane Burns, Orlando Sentinel"
5/18 - 8:40 PM should be 5/19 - 8:40 PM

Page numbers refer to the page numbers in the hard copy program.

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