Video: Orlando Fringe 2007s Visual Fringe

As of Day 4 of the 16th Annual Orlando International Fringe Theatre Festival, the Visual Fringe (the kind you hang on the wall) had sold 7 pieces, more than half of last year's total. With 8 days remaining in the festival, things are looking good. Visual Fringe curator Anna McCambridge tells us about the show and a few notable pieces.

With a quick shout to The White Guy.

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Ryan wrote 14 years 28 weeks ago

Purchase some Visual Fringe

Purchase some Visual Fringe Art and get 2 comp tickets to DRIP paint in motion's LIVE visual art on stage.

DRIP performance schedule:
TUES, MAY 22nd : 6:15pm
WED, MAY 23rd : 11pm
FRI, MAY 25th : 8:10pm
SAT, MAY 26th : 9:40pm


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