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As I write this, Muapin is out of town... ha ha! the whole town to myself!!!

I must say that I've never had a face-to-face conversation with anyone involved with Hate Mail... What does this mean? Well, I think it means an un-biased attitude. OK, I have had a little interaction with the Technical Director, but I'm not sure that counts for a review.

I think the 'gimmick' and also one of the least important parts about this play is that every single line that is spoken is in fact part of a letter or a note... I didn't know this going in, and it didn't affect my perception one bit. The story is strong enough to carry the narrative along no matter what happens.

Second, you will notice the performance from the actors... I must say Act II is better and Act I, I guess because more memorization is needed? In act I, I heard David noting that he used so many adjectives that he couldn't help but use his crib notes / props to help him remember his lines... I also talked to a performer in attendance about memorizing SO many lines without having anyone to bounce them off of... he thought it would be a boon as opposed to a challenge.

Really, I thought both performers were exceptional, especially in the context of opening night. I'm an "A for Effort" guy, but no grading curve is needed for Hate Mail - absolutely worth the $15 ($12 for students), even if parking makes it a hassle.

The set design, especially for a minimalist space like the Studio Theatre, was EXACTLY what it needed to be, not an iota more or less. I totally understood the major changes of scenery with no coaching whatsoever from the lines (although such help was available). This being my first Jester Theatre production, I'm glad Jay moved away from improv (SAK) to pursue "real theatre".

This brings me to another point... in February the Jester Theatre Company will host its first show (the repeatedly popular Musical of Musicals: The Musical) at the new Garden Theatre in historic downtown Winter Garden... a sight to look forward to... with NO PAID PARKING.


Tait Moline wrote 17 years 1 day ago

I agree! I thought the

I agree! I thought the production was professional and fun! I also thought the second act was stronger than the first, but overall, the show was very well done. Simple and understated. Nice job, Jester Theater!

David Almeida wrote 17 years 1 day ago

Thanks so much for your kind

Thanks so much for your kind words! It was great to meet you last night, hope to see you again soon.

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