TJ Dawe Sells His Body for Charity

Looks like TJ will be doing a special one-time-only show on Monday (Patron's Pick Day) to directly benefit the Orlando Fringe Festival.

The Slip-Knot
Orange Venue in the Orlando Shakespeare Center
Monday, May 26th, Patron's Pick Day
90 minute show

All proceeds go to Orlando Fringe!

This reminds me of something I read in a comment on Elizabeth Maupin's blog recently. The question was "What's Fab About the Fringe?"

I have been sitting on answer this question. One so seemingly simple. If I were asked this for an interview my answer would be -Everything. It is life to me.

But here- I will tell you a story...opening day from my end was more challenging than all my past 4yrs. of producing the festival or my previous 6 as an artist/producer within. The reasons are irrelevant. However, I was able to miraculously catch TJ Dawe's show- Totem Figures which speaks in part directly about his life as a Fringe artist. It hit home hard.

At the end of his show (much needed for me to see at that very moment) I hugged him and said..."thanks for telling our story". he replied( in true TJ fashion)..."thanks for giving me a place to tell it."

At that moment...all my troubles went away :)

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