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Mark Baratelli's incredible arts and culture blog is going after Fringe in a big way. This year, the Daily City will bring you an opportunity to give back to Fringe. Daily City Fringe coverage

Find helpful links, ALL the reviews, festival info, shows, and awards, ALL ON ONE PAGE. That's mobile-phone friendly, and you can't beat that. Mark is a genius, and he's proved it once again.

You all remember Mark from his shows like Improv Cabaret and How Do You Feel?, but Mark has also been the man behind the curtain of the official Fringe web presence for the last few years.

Mark is actively seeking additions to his various resources - anything that can save him a few minutes of googling and make his resources that much better will help everyone have a great time at the festival.

Your reviews, on the web

I think of this as a twitter-style review: short sweet and to-the-point. You should probably use your real name, so we know there's no ballot-stuffing going on. I know there's been some trouble with anonymous blog comments in years past.

Mark is doing some great interactive stuff with tools that are freely available, but nobody else is doing this - not the newspapers, not us, certainly not the stupid TV stations, and the festival itself wouldn't touch something like this with a 10-foot pole.

Patron's Choice Awards

Think of this as everything the Fabby Awards aren't allowed to do. The form itself reminds me of the Weekly's Best of Orlando. Voting begins the minute the last show starts, not a minute before. Mark will be sharing the results online as soon as they're available, I'm sure. He doesn't list an official end time, so look for the winners a few days after?

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