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Jimmy Hogg: Fringe Crush 2011

Jimmy Hogg stars in Wisdom: Part One

Pink Venue --
5/20 FRI 6:15PM
5/21 SAT 8:35PM
5/22 SUN 11:25AM
5/23 MON 7:45PM
5/25 WED 6:10PM
5/27 FRI 9:20PM
5/28 SAT 2:50PM

Fringe favourite Jimmy Hogg (Curriculum Vitae, A Brief History of Petty Crime, Like A Virgin) brings you a show about what we know, what we don’t know and what we think we don’t know. Equal parts stand-up, storytelling and tangential nonsense. Hogg challenges our belief systems by asking, “Why do we believe the things that we believe? Some people believe that the Earth is only 6,000 years old, some people believe that we were put here by aliens and some people believe that Paul McCartney died a long time ago and was replaced by a doppelganger- which goes some way to explaining why all the music he’s produced in the last 20 years has been utter shit.”

Rob Gee: Fringe Crush 2011

Rob Gee wrote the poetry for and performs in Smart Arse in the Green Venue this year:

An exhilarating story of several childhoods from the creator of Fruitcake. “The kind of performer you pray you’ll discover ... awe-inspiring!” Orlando Sentinel “Humor-filled ... disturbing ... wonderful!” Elizabeth Maupin

5/19 THU 9:40PM
5/21 SAT 6:00PM
5/22 SUN 4:20PM
5/24 TUE 10:05PM
5/27 FRI 8:10PM
5/28 SAT 2:55PM
5/29 SUN 6:15PM

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