Interview with Mark Baratelli on PFA Podcast

The talkback you never get at the festival!

this is totally going on my podcast! Blogging Fringe podcast started almost 10 years ago when a kid with a microphone wanted to see the Fringe have more of an online presence, and he dragged the artists and patrons kicking and screaming. Then YouTube, Facebook and Twitter exploded and the reviewers, artists, patrons and freaks were all getting online! Now after a 5 year hiatus, Ryan is going back to the roots and interviewing touring artists who are passing through Orlando on their way to Canada, Edinburgh, Australia and the rest of the globe. Subscribe in iTunes or subscribe in your favorite podcast app to get weekly updates throughout the season!

Show: Improv Cabaret
Venue: Blue Venue (Studio B @ Shakespeare Festival)
Show times: 5-20 @ 2:25pm, 5-21 @ 5:00pm, 5-22 @ 8:25pm, 5-24 @ 6:15pm, 5-25 @ 9:45pm, 5-27 @ 3:45pm and 5-28 @ 12:00pm
Tickets: $7

Mark Baratelli did a very recent guest spot on one of our podcasts, You can't spell crapface without PFA. The show is hosted by Myla Goldberg and The Captain of the Other Team (AKA Ryan Price, who you may have met at Fringe), and is often irreverant and offensive.

If you just can't stand 72 minutes of Mark, Emily and Ryan, I spent 3 hours cutting together this new-and-improved 20-minute-long version for the short of attention span (or time). Here is the link:

Blogging Fringe Podcast 01
Length: 20:16

The original marathon episode has been split into two parts for your listening enjoyment:

PFA 25A - "Like a Lexus" - 31:32
PFA 25B - "Top of the Pops!" - 40:52

Mark Baratelli is the one-man that is Improv Cabaret. The show is completely improvised, music and all, and if Mark is anything like his show, you will have to see it for yourself. I have not had the chance to attend yet but this show is certainly on my list.

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Brian Feldman wrote 18 years 1 week ago

I think that Mark Baratelli

I think that Mark Baratelli not only has the best poster at this year's Fringe, but the best overall marketing campaign as well. How else can you possibly explain this two-part, total running time of 1 hr 12 min 24 sec podcast interview for a show with a 30-45 min runtime? Amazing.

Mark Baratelli wrote 18 years 1 week ago

Brian- I didn't talk for "1


I didn't talk for "1 hr 12 min 24 sec" about my "30-45 minute runtime" Fringe show. We talked for 20 minutes about it. Re-read the post again and you'll see where you got the info wrong. I appeared as a guest on "Crapface," not their blogging fringe podcast. They took a portion of the Crapface appearance and made a blogging fringe podcast from it.

Thanks for the poster compliment. The photographer's name is Frankie Huff and her phone number is in my show's programs.

I saw that you saw "McGrawsky Files." That show is amazing and they are friends of mine. Great guys.


Ryan wrote 18 years 1 week ago

Mark, In Brian's defense, he


In Brian's defense, he posted that comment before I put up the short version. Plus, I think he was complimenting you?

"best overall marketing campaign"

Brian Feldman wrote 18 years 1 week ago

I just listened to the entire

I just listened to the entire marathon episode and then skimmed over the scaled-down "Fringe only" 20-minute version. Someone should go back and count the number of times Mark says "I have no idea what's going on right now."

Mark, I never meant "1 hr 12 min 24 sec" in a negative way. I think it's great that you were able to promote your show by taking the initiative to contact them via, I think you said,

And it's not just the funny photo on the poster that works, it's the font, copy and smart way of putting the pocket with showtime cards on it in a unique way.

"You can not Lou Pearlman that," great line. I can't believe that PFA didn't know about the "I'm In Love With A Stripper" song though, it's ridiculous.

Myla Goldberg wrote 18 years 6 days ago

Someone should go back and

Someone should go back and count the number of times Mark says

Brian Feldman wrote 18 years 5 days ago

Finally was able to catch

Finally was able to catch "Improv Cabaret" yesterday and loved it. I laughed out loud a lot, which is something I didn't even do during TJ Dawe's amazingly funny show! Really some great songs too, like "Praise God for the Untalented" and two songs about homicide. "Speaking of going nowhere... I moved to Orlando." Hilarious.

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