Video: Orlando Fringe 2007 Day 1

The 16th Annual Orlando International Fringe Theatre Festival kicked off on May 17th with a series of parties, performances and a parade by the festival artists. Ryan Price from Blogging Fringe was there to meet some artists and watch things go down.

From Heart of Coal we had Jeremy Seghers tell us about the rain, then Ryan tried to get in the VIP room. There was a parade artists with belly dancers, a gay boy in love with a lesbian, some funny Asians and a Jew straight from summer camp. After that, we heard from two of the Six Characters, Catherine and KB.

We should have continuing coverage throughout the week. Subscribe to our audio and video posts via iTunes, and keep checking Blogging Fringe for reviews, patron voicemails (321-441-3964) and more.

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Tod wrote 16 years 29 weeks ago

Curses! Work had me staying

Curses! Work had me staying too late for all this sexiness. I was the weird lonely guy, taping down flyers for the Fringe Poetry Smackdown in the rain long after everybody had left. I even did it sober! I'm such a trooper.

Great video - keep these coming.

Amy Salloway wrote 16 years 29 weeks ago

Aw, you guys are great! You

Aw, you guys are great! You are hardcore dedicated Fringers and I LOVE THAT! Thanks for all your enthusiasm and see you again soon. Hopefully in drier weather. :-)
-- Amy, from "Herschel Gertz"

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