Quick update on the Fabbys!

I realise now - I should have left this on the Blogging Fringe Voicemail Review Hotline. Too late now, I guess, but here's the news:

We were honored with a Fabby Award for "Fringe of the Fringe"!
Fringe of the Fringe Award

There are lots more things that went on, including LOTS more videos (and a couple that will never see the light of day...), but those will have to wait until tomorrow! Blogging Fringe is not over! We still have so many shows to try and properly review, so many photos to share, videos to upload, and really try to get things a tiny bit more organized, too. Stay with us for at least another week.

International shows, we'd love to hear how the circuit is going, and I think all your new friends would too, so keep blogging and giving us something to blog about - send in photos, stories, crushes, whatever! Help make Blogging Fringe an international affair!

If you're in Orlando, please subscribe, and check out some of the Liberatr.net links on the right. Sadly, I had a few of these sites break because of server problems during Fringe and I haven't been home to fix them. Very very soon, everything around here should be more or less back to normal. Thanks again everyone for a Fabulous Fringe!

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denna wrote 16 years 47 weeks ago

We are hot!

We are hot!

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