Video: Orlando Fringe 2007 Day 3

This episode comes to us straight from the official Blogging Fringe tent on the lawn at the Loch Haven Park. Ryan helps Amy make a button for Herschel Gertz, Kurt Fitzpatrick tells us about Rebel Without a Niche and Ms. Emily Kane raves about Calculus: The Musical!

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KB wrote 14 years 29 weeks ago

We saw Calculus The Musical

We saw Calculus The Musical tonight & thought it was fantastic. A clever show about a subject that I hated in high school. Sadie & Mark are charming & create a great atmosphere, busting out a show that goes beyond basic math & into your soul... well, maybe not your soul-- but it's one helluva a fun show that goes beyond the limits (hee hee)!

Ryan wrote 14 years 29 weeks ago

Thanks for commenting! I'm

Thanks for commenting! I'm glad people are getting into the spirit and exercising their voice on this site - every part of it is designed to allow for conversations, not lectures.

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