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Paul Strickland: Fringe Crush 2011

Paul Strickland (who is HERE at 2011 Fringe!!) from Any Title That Works

Venue: Patron Room   Length: 60 minutes

Synopsis: "A new show from the creator of 'A Brighter Shade of Blue.' 'Strickland has terrific timing and a way with words...' -- Elizabeth Maupin"

Sarah Carey: Fringe Crush 2011

Sarah Carey from The Booyah

Venue: Green Venue

Synopsis: From the group that brought previous fringe hits Reefer Madness The Musical and Debbie Does Dallas The Musical comes this hilarious new comedy of a party gone horribly wrong.

Chase Padgett: Fringe Crush 2011

Chase Padgett from Superman Drinks

Venue: Orange Venue   Length: 60 minutes

Synopsis: What makes a hero a hero? Is it super strength or telekinesis or something more? Find out in this heartwarming and hilarious look and what "super" really is.

Cody Bush: Fringe Crush 2011

Cody Bush from Squatters

Venue: Brown Venue   Length: 30 minutes

Synopsis: Imagine the kids from Growing Pains or Family Ties growing up, becoming successful and losing everything. It's Arrested Development meets Noises Off meets Curb Your Enthusiasm with 7 different episodes!

Kevin Sigman: Fringe Crush 2011

Kevin Sigman from Pandemonium

Venue: Yellow Venue   Length: 60 minutes

Synopsis: A modern musical theatre mash up based on the epic poem, Paradise Lost, including improvisational dance and visual art. You may think you know the story but, you don't!

George Wallace: Fringe Crush 2011

George is the General Manager for the 2011 Orlando Fringe

Mike Marinaccio: Fringe Crush 2011

Mike is the Director of a show called Suckers: A Freaky Little Musical

Tod Kimbro: Fringe Crush 2011

Tod Kimbro wrote and plays his piano in Suckers: a Freaky Little Musical as well as Blue and Tod's Big Queer Hootinany

Beth Marshall: Fringe Crush 2011

At the closing party, Beth announced this would be her last year at Fringe.

Crushie Award 2011: Mikaela Dyke

This year is the first time Blogging Fringe gave out an award for Fringe Crush, and our first winner was Mikaela from Dying Hard.

Originally from Newfoundland, Mikaela is a writer and performer who now makes her home in Toronto. An improviser for over a decade, Mikaela has training in solo improvisation, mask, Commedia dell'Arte, clown, storytelling and Alexander technique.

Having performed with companies all over Canada and the U.S., her recent theatre credits include: Arm's Length (Summerworks festival); A Rustling (Playwrights of Spring Festival); Sky (Rabbittown Theatre Productions); Buried Child (Beothuck Street Players); Comedy of Errors (SBTS); My Name is Rachel Corrie (Forest Productions) and Reflections on Giving Birth to a Squid (Parent Productions).

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