Lilly, Lila, Queens and Go-Go Dancers

Show: Lilly and Lila's Lovely Lesbian Hour
Venue: Brown Venue (Orlando Philharmonic @ Shakespeare Festival)
Show times: 5-19 @ 10:20pm, 5-20 @ 7:30pm, 5-22 @ 6:45pm, 5-23 @ 10:20pm, 5-24 @ 8:40pm, 5-27 @ 12:45pm and 5-28 @ 6:40pm
Tickets: $10

Note to Ives fans

WHiRR is not affiliated with Jester Theater Company, but if you're in a David Ives mood and you're seeing (f)Ives, you might be interested in some artwork we have for sale.

I have six original prints inspired by Ives' All in the Timing. The prints were created to display in the lobby during Orlando Theatre Project's production in March. If you're already an Ives fan and/or can't attend Fringe, we have the prints available for sale online.

Fringe Begins!

Well, it's official. The 15th Annual Orlando International Fringe Festival is officially underway, with no help very little help from me. I drove my roommate over to the Gala 80's Prom Themed opening, the one with the amazing and wild paint dance by Mariko (pictures here), but I had to turn around and promptly and abruptly leave.

WHiRR @ Fringe

WHiRR is setting up a booth outside of the Orlando Fringe Festival. We'll be set up for the duration of the festival with artwork and merchandise and treats for the eyes. If you're in the area, drop by and say hello. Tell your friends. Tell your enemies. Tell strangers you meet in a parking garage.

We're presenting a variety of new products not yet available in the online shop. Get a sneak peek before the rest of the internet.

Interview - Brandon Roberts

Venue: Yellow Venue (Goldman Theatre @ Shakespeare Festival)
Show times: 5/19 @ 10:45PM, 5/20 @ 3:35PM, 5/21 @ 9:35PM, 5/23 @ 6PM, 5/25 @ 11:05PM, 5/27 @ 4:05PM, 5/28 @ 6:30PM
Tickets: $10

Interview - Eric Pinder

Show: Waiting for Napoleon
Venue: Pink (Mandell Theatre at Shakespeare Festival)
Show times: 5/20 @ 11:55PM, 5/22 @8:05PM, 5/23 @10:45PM, 5/27 @7:15PM, 5/28 @ 9:05PM
Tickets: $10

Fringe Basics

Before you head out the door next week to embark on a 12-day Fringe binge, Here are a few key pieces of information that will aid in your survival.

Official Press Release

The site Blogging Fringe ( was created by Ryan Price for the purpose of chronicling and reviewing the Orlando Fringe Festival. Three intrepid bloggers - Ryan, Emily Scott, and Katharine Miller - are determined to capture and publicize as many events of the 2006 Fringe as possible. It is this endeavor's sincere hope to capture the spirit of one of Orlando's most significant cultural events.

Blogging Fringe is a channel of, a media network of podcasts, pro blogs and internet television.

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