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Meet Some Fringe Artists with Bonnie Sprung

If you're at the Fringe, you won't miss Bonnie with her button-bedecked hat. Her videos have actually been featured on the official Fringe website this week. If you haven't seen them, here are some links:

Fringe Fan Video: Meet Some Artists

Fringe Fan Video: Meet Some Artists

Fringe Fan Video

Fringe Crush 2008: a Video gift for Chris Gibson!

A FC first as a video gift is sent to a popular Fringe crush!!

Fringe Crush 2008: Lolli

Lolli from VarieTEASE crushes!

Fringe Crush 2008: J

Heather and Robyn’s Fringe Crush

Skip Peril and the Players of the Lost Trunk @ Yellow Venue
Screw You Review: Deja Vu @ Brown Venue

O’B at Orlando Fringe

There is a God, but He takes little children at the Orlando Fringe Green Venue

CineDance: MOVE at Orlando Fringe

CineDance Jazz Dance Silver Venue at the 2008 Orando Fringe Festival

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