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Truth or Dare with Pepe and a Fringe moment!

(A repost from my MySpace which is set to public during the Fringe but will go back to private after, so if you please feel free to request me as a friend! My email is, you'll need that too ;) Enjoy!)

Another night at the Orlando Fringe Festival. I got to see all of the shows I wanted! TJ ( I like to call Tee-jah, one word) Dawe great as always!

Fab Fringe Moments: Chase Padgett

Or least favorite? What's your Favorite Fabulous Fringe Moment?

Buy Art at Visual Fringe

Anna McCambridge, Visual Fringe Producer, introduces us to the art in the big round room at the 2008 Orlando Fringe Festival, as well as a piece of art by Fringe artist TJ Dawe.

Secret Show?

Who are these silhouetted figures? Why can't we hear the Red Hot Chili Peppers? A show, shrouded in MYSTERY!

Truth or Dare with Pepe at Fringe

Rob Ward gives us the skinny on his show in the Brown Venue, and Pepe gives us a Fringe Crush report.

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