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  • Fringe Crush Alert!!!   15 years 5 weeks ago   by Paige

    I love that you found the first Fringe Crush Ho! Checking for a new giggle-licious Fringe Crush video every morning is getting to be a highlight of my Festival experience this year. Keep it up!

  • FRINGE CRUSH ALERT   15 years 5 weeks ago   by krisha

    more crush alerts! more crush alerts!

    i'm an addict..

    denna I am sooo crushin' on you..from 700 miles away!

  • Dancing With The Porn Stars   15 years 5 weeks ago   by Blogging Fringe » VoiceMail Reviews: The Honeymoon Period is

    [...] want to say thanks to Brent, Bruce, Sean & Michael and Stephanie for leaving your comments for Dancing with the Porn Stars - I know the shows all appreciate hearing what you have to [...]

  • Do you love the Fringe? Do something about it!   15 years 5 weeks ago   by Lee Missavage

    The dramatic historical drama "Matanzas" about the French Spanish battle near St Augustine is an excellent counterpoint to the light comedic shows in most other venues at the festival. I saw it this afternoon and highly recommend it. Scott Isert, the only actor in the play, brings the story to life with a passionate fervor that pulls you right into the story.

  • Day 3 & 4- a mega super combo!!   15 years 5 weeks ago   by Meghan Moroney

    Thanks for the praise . . . and thanks for seeing the show (Cupid and Psyche)! We're having a great time!

  • Dancing With The Porn Stars   15 years 5 weeks ago   by stephanie

    this is my first experience with the fringe festival. i just moved to orlando from colorado and we have fringe there as well. I came out to see dancing with the porn stars on saturday and Boy was i in for a surprise. ive never heard of same sex ball room dancing so it was nice to hear all about richard and stuarts success. i wish them the best of luck in their future plans. A cowboy and a Sailor very cool both were extremely hot, although i wasnt surpirsed to see that the sailor won - he has an amazing body. is there going to be a sequel?

  • Dancing With The Porn Stars   15 years 5 weeks ago   by Sean & Micheal

    I went to the show on sunday for one purpose. my friend derek invited me. Im so proud of him, i know i could never get up on stage and get totally naked for anyone so i give him made props. I thought the show was done very tastefully. Everyone should come out and support derek and everyone else in the cast.

  • Dancing With The Porn Stars   15 years 5 weeks ago   by Bruce

    I enjoyed this show, it was nice to see someone remake that horrible tv show into something worth watching. 2 thumbs up, keep up the good work. I also heard that dancing with the porn stars is the only show to sell out 2 days in a row. Sundays are hit or miss so dont take it personally. I wonder how many days they will sell out between thursday 24 - 27th. You have my vote for fringe picks.

  • 52 Pick Up   15 years 5 weeks ago   by Ryan

    Imagine a love story with a sweet beginning, a rough climax and a... well, they don't really tell it in order. In 52 Pick-Up, we get such a story written by TJ Dawe and Rita Bozi, where each consecutive scene is chosen at random from a deck of cards.

    This show takes scenes ranging from 5 seconds to a few minutes, each containing observations and situations from a relationship and writes the name of each on a card from a standard deck. The performers then throw the cards in the air and pick them up one by one, performing each scene in whatever order they are read. You don't really take any more time to get used to these characters than you would in a normal play, and despite the inherent lack of an arc, there are a few scenes with the ability to bring tears (but maybe I just feel like crying when I see someone doing it).

  • Biting the Bullet - I’m just one of Y’all   15 years 5 weeks ago   by Ryan Price vs. the Media » Biting the Bullet - I’m just one

    [...] post originally appeared on Blogging Fringe and is in relation to that community site in particular, but I think it also applies to any [...]

  • Day 3 & 4- a mega super combo!!   15 years 5 weeks ago   by Mark Baratelli

    The Green!

  • Dancing With The Porn Stars   15 years 5 weeks ago   by Brent

    Im not sure why the plug to this show says that the porn stars will be teamed up with audience members. If you listen to stuart and richard at the beggining of the show they tell you that, teaming them up with audience members was just an idea- they wanted to pair up with the porn stars becuase they couldn't trust an audience member with the hot hot porn stars. from the looks of the video that plays before each porn star does his number i can see why letting an audience member dance with them would just not work. the show has real ball room champions, real porn star, and real excitement. I just wished deep sinkem had gave me a lapdance instead of that shmuck accross the room.

  • Born to be Asian   15 years 5 weeks ago   by Alan

    What a WONDERFUL surprise! These guys are hilarious!! It is wonderful to see intelligent comedy that makes you think as well as laugh! Cool getting a glimpse of things through the eyes of other ethnic groups...without beating you over the head wiith it!

    If you haven't gotten a chance to see this, you really should! I was very surprised at the number of different skits and characters this troupe portrayed...and the really fast, smooth scene changes in between segments!! That was great to see...not sitting in the dark wondering what is going on....

    Great show for anybody that wants to laugh, and maybe learn a little about different cultures, and how those from other countries view America. It's a wonderful thing!!

    Congratulations, Drew!! It is not often the first production of n original work has this much success!! Great going!! Looking forward to "BTBA 2"!!!

  • Poofy du Vey in “Burden of Poof”   15 years 5 weeks ago   by Ryan

    Seen on the Six Characters blog:
    ""Burden of Poof" by Poofy du Vey. We love her. We saw her do a short bit from her show back in New York and loved her then-- but her full show is simply amazing. She's not only funny but full of pathos-- and the sexiest clown we've ever seen. Luckily she's from NY so we don't have to take her home with us!"

  • Found & Lost: Goals for 2002   15 years 5 weeks ago   by Ryan

    Seen on the Six Characters blog:
    ""Found and Lost" by the inFluxdance company. These gals rock. They not only burst with energy and individual, vibrant personalities but we found their show completely engrossing. At times comical and at times emotional, there was even a sniffle or two coming from our crew by the end. They're also the nicest, coolest bunch of people we've met so far at the Fringe. We want to take them home with us."

  • Drip: Paint in Motion   15 years 5 weeks ago   by Ryan

    I can't say enough about this show - it's like nothing you've ever seen before.

  • Out of Pocket   15 years 5 weeks ago   by Ryan

    One person told me that the number of characters in the play gets confusing - I don't agree, but maybe her comment prepared me for the changes. i think the costuming cues really help. Keep up the good work, guys!

  • Born to be Asian   15 years 5 weeks ago   by Chris A

    Born To Be Asian:
    I loved the last scene where the name,Tony had a double meaning. Rob did a great job playing the immigration guy! This play was funnier than I thought it was going to be. And was well-written throughout. Oh yeah! and Jessica is really cute!

  • SPORT: REMATCH   15 years 5 weeks ago   by Ryan

    Ink 19 Review

    Sport: Rematch
    PB&J Brewery
    Silver Venue
    Orlando Fringe Festival, Orlando FL

    It's gym class time! The wildly successful Slastic sports crew returns from last year's Fringe, Adding new team member Heather Leonardi. Slastic supplies any sporting gear you might want, but they've got competition nipping at their heels, like Oiu Oiu Wear and Sporto Gigante. As you enter, there's a high energy warm up with beach balls and pumping music, and they succeed in keeping that energy going through the long and by now boring preshow announce. There's precious little dialog here, and none is really needed in this parody of the sporting world. All the major ESPN time fillers are here - baseball pitchers battles, home town friendly sportscasters, whiney versions of the National Anthem, and obscure European sports than no one gets like Soccer or Futbol or World's Strongest Man competitions.

    The funniest moments come from wispy Brandon Roberts, because it's always funny to pick on the little guy until he gets to be the bull chasing Jason Horne thought every other scene. There's a boxing match where Heather Leonardi takes on Patrick Braillard, and he decks her, drawing an uncomfortable gasp form the audience. Late in the show we discover the Quidditch Ballet, which took me a few minutes to figure out as I know less about Harry Potter than hockey. No matter what the sport, the message is constant - you need the right trendy gear to get the most out of your exercise experience. And looking good is more important than feeling good.

  • Ctrl-Alt-Life   15 years 5 weeks ago   by Brett (ctrl-alt-life)

    Thank you to Ryan and BloggingFringe for joining us at our midnight show! We do have some photos on our website,

    GREAT audience last night, and great energy! We're looking forward to seeing everyone at our "normal" showtimes this week!

  • Ctrl-Alt-Life   15 years 5 weeks ago   by Ryan

    Not what I was expecting at all! I thought it would be one guy with a laptop - I think some production stills might help us get that. Much love to all the actors and the writers!

    Shocking, funny, and cerebral!

  • 52 Pick Up   15 years 5 weeks ago   by Ryan

    Fantastic writing, great acting, I didn't lose the story for a second!

  • Coming In   15 years 5 weeks ago   by Ryan

    So cute and very well performed!

  • The White Guy   15 years 5 weeks ago   by Video: Orlando Fringe 2007’s Visual Fringe at Liberatr Media

    [...] With a quick shout to The White Guy. [...]

  • A Love Lost Life   15 years 5 weeks ago   by David

    Orlando Sentinal Review

    Fringe review: 'A Love Lost Life'
    posted by emaupin on May 20, 2007 8:48:30 PM
    Discuss This: Comments (0) | TrackBack (0) | Linking Blogs | Add to | Digg it

    Rob Ashkenas' portrayal of Marlon Brando may at first walk the edge of parody, but the impression soon fades. This is due as much to the gravity of the script as anything Ashkenas does, though he manages to hit the right notes throughout. A Love Lost Life relies heavily on that consistency, with the audience listening in for a one-sided interview with Brando during his final days. Sitting through his self-absorbed dialogue would quickly get old were it not for the counterpoint provided by the story of his children. David Barnes and Kelly Sullivan play Christian and Cheyenne Brando in a series of quick vignettes, and while they're not quite up to Ashkenas' chops, they don't need to be. If you know the story of the Brando kids' spiral into tragedy, you'll be able to see the train wreck coming. This is Brando's story, after all, in all its bleakness and faded glory. His life might be too much for any single documentary or play, but at 30 minutes, the loose framework of his children's failures gives it just enough focus.

    -- Tod Caviness

    Remaining performances: 7:40 p.m. Wednesday May 23, 10:50 p.m. May 24, 6 p.m. Friday May 25, 11:15 p.m. Saturday May 26. Pink venue.

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