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  • Andrea’s Revolution   16 years 18 weeks ago   by Robert

    Great show. Characters were diverse, real and interesting. The conflict really drove the story and discovery was truthful. Well played.

  • Calculus: The Musical!   16 years 18 weeks ago   by Sadie

    Hey, thanks! You are so nice! Dawe...cuter than me...???..

    No, seriously, thank you for the kind review. So glad you enjoyed it!

  • So day 5 you say….   16 years 18 weeks ago   by inFlux Queen of inFuxdance is Rye (not Bri) :-)!!

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  • Poofy du Vey in “Burden of Poof”   16 years 18 weeks ago   by Blogging Fringe » VoiceMail Reviews: Poofy du Vey in Burden

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  • Fringe Crush Alert!   16 years 18 weeks ago   by Paige

    Wheee! I laughed so hard I wet my pants...No, no... I laughed so hard I wet YOUR pants.

  • Love is in the air, or at least Fringe Crushs are all around!!   16 years 18 weeks ago   by Paige

    The drunken duo Fringe crush blew my mind! (Oh, and where can I get a ticket to the T.J.-Brain-in-a-Bikini raffle? I'd pay to see that.)

  • A Love Lost Life   16 years 18 weeks ago   by Evey

    I am not even a Brando fan, but this show was very powerful, I did not know about his tragic life's end... Just a great show, and Rob Ashkenas was so realistic I thought I was sitting there with Brando. More people need to see this show. Thanks Evey.

  • Maxim & Cosmo   16 years 18 weeks ago   by Blogging Fringe » I don’t want to deal with shitty art just

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  • Calculus: The Musical!   16 years 18 weeks ago   by Blogging Fringe » Calculus: The Musical!

    [...] Calculus: The Musical! Company: Matheatre - Austin, TX Venue: Red (Orlando Shakes) Times: 5/19 - 8:10PM, 5/20 - 10:10PM, [...]

  • Matt and Ben   16 years 18 weeks ago   by Blogging Fringe » Matt and Ben

    [...] Matt and Ben Company: Penguin Point Productions - Winter Park, FL Venue: pink (Orlando Shakes) Times: 5/18 - [...]

  • Interview: Poofy du Vey: Courtney Cunningham   16 years 18 weeks ago   by Robin Chase

    After seeing Poofy last summer in Winnipeg, it was great to hear Courtney talk about her background in theatre, and to discuss the show and the character of Poofy du Vey. This is a show not to be missed and I urge everyone to see her show in Orlando.

  • Matanzas: A Survivor’s Story   16 years 18 weeks ago   by Lee Missavage

    The dramatic historical drama "Matanzas" about the French Spanish battle near St Augustine is an excellent counterpoint to the light comedic shows in most other venues at the festival. I saw it this afternoon and highly recommend it. Scott Isert, the only actor in the play, brings the story to life with a passionate fervor that pulls you right into the story.

  • So Kiss Me Already, Herschel Gertz!   16 years 18 weeks ago   by Ryan

    From Amy's Blog:

    Do people know about the reviews at
    Current mood: tired

    Hey, Orlando Fringe Peeps --

    Did you all know that the pseudonymically-named Carl F. Gauze is reviewing shows on a website called He is, indeed, in a somewhat humorous, conversational fashion, with writing that's rather free and loose (he calls "Pentacostal, Wisconsin" "Wisconsin Pentacostal", for example). You can see my review here, or here:

    So Kiss Me Already Herchel Gertz!
    By Amy Salloway
    Awkward Moment Productions
    Red Venue
    Orlando Fringe Festival, Orlando, FL

    Oy, was this show ever Jewish! There was a chair near the entrance to the Red Venue, and as the line built up two tired Jewish women kvetched over who should sit there: "No, you should sit." "No, you. I can stand already." It was a great way you set the mood for this one woman first person story of growing up in Milwaukee and having to deal with summer camp. I say first person because so many one person shows try to play 10 or 30 charters, and they often end up as hard to follow mish-mashes. Ms. Salloway avoids that, telling about the trauma of adolescent and finding a first boyfriend, no matter how inappropriate.

    Amy is sent away so her mother can have some surgery with the parting shot "I can't deal with you AND my uterus". The camp is a conservative Jewish summer camp "Camp L'Chaim". Where I come from summer camp meant boys and girls are kept in separate states. Here, the sexes mingle freely, but you can only listen to Jewish folk music and eat your meals in Hebrew. Amy has body shape issues (ok, she's fat) and social issues (her parents aren't wealthy) and acceptance issues (she's the new kid and everyone else is paired up). So who doesn't she get? Slow talking Velcro kissing Herschel. He's no prize, but he's better the Schmolo the Homo.

    Amy's story is bouncy and touching, with a nice variety of humor and pathos. We've all gone through similar things growing up, and its fun to look back and see how we might have been, or maybe where we are right now. The folk music is folksy, and there's a handy Yiddish decoder ring to help the goyim. Be a mensch, see the show. You'll plotz!

  • Linwood Sassy’s Screw You Revue   16 years 18 weeks ago   by Ryan

    THE SCREW YOU REVUE STARRING LINWOOD SASSY!! Brown venue! 3 shows left! May 23rd @ 9:35pm; 24th @ 11:30pm and 27th @ 8:30pm.

    Thank you to our wonderful friends who have come out to support us so far...your kind words are SO appreciated!!


    "What can I say, Dewey and Robyn have great chemistry and John de Orderly too! The show had me in tears I was laughing so much. It reminds me of that grandfather you have that just pretty much says what's on his mind without editing what he says, Must see! Great job!" (Thank you, Jose!!)

    "Oh my Lord!! Can I just tell you I was laughing so hard I was crying!!!! I almost peed in my pants!!!! If you like to laugh, go see this show and if you don't like to laugh then SCREW YOU!" (Thank you, Denna from

    "The show was so funny. I enjoyed it all as did Darth!!! Keep up the good work!" (thank you, Beth Marshall)

    "You were great on Saturday, I had a blast. I think I peed myself a little." (thanks, Mike!)

    "You were HILARIOUS in yesterday's show!" (thanks David!!)

    "Amazing. It was great and it looked like you had a blast! Dewey cracked me up through our whole show, too. I kept having to turn my back to the audience. Flawless." (thanks Megan!!)

    "I enjoyed your show Robyn. You did great as always!" (thanks Charles!)

    "Incredible! Jack is planning to become ill, so when Linwood passes away you can be HIS nurse. And he'll quickly die laughing....thanks for a WONDERFUL show!" (thank you, Susan!)

    "I enjoyed your show... I did tell you that I peed a little... I needed that bed pan you were holding, but for some reason I just couldn't hold it in any longer!" (thanks, Sarah)

    "I need my meds! You two are great together!" (thanks Brian)

  • Video: Orlando Fringe 2007s Visual Fringe   16 years 18 weeks ago   by Ryan

    Purchase some Visual Fringe Art and get 2 comp tickets to DRIP paint in motion's LIVE visual art on stage.

    DRIP performance schedule:
    TUES, MAY 22nd : 6:15pm
    WED, MAY 23rd : 11pm
    FRI, MAY 25th : 8:10pm
    SAT, MAY 26th : 9:40pm

    Venue: SILVER

  • Six Characters: Best Show Ever   16 years 18 weeks ago   by Blogging Fringe » Video: PIE FIGHT! Orlando Fringe 2007

    [...] Monday night at the Orlando Fringe, the cast of Six Characters: Best Show Ever from NY, NY had an event where patrons got to throw pies in the face of a [...]

  • Out of Pocket   16 years 18 weeks ago   by Ryan

    It's strange what Maupin wrote about you - she loves you guys but thinks the script is wrong... I'll admit I liked last year's show so much because of the energy you got to put into it, the immediate but obvious changes of characters and scenery and the humor.

    Also, I think the ending of this play didn't have as much of a message - but that might have something to do with the script being too long and having to cut things down.

  • Thoughts anyone?   16 years 18 weeks ago   by Ryan

    There is a semi-related discussion over at Maupin's blog -

    Personally, I don't know why we need celebrity announcers at all - I'm sure they're fun to record (and listen to the first 2 times), but if they're gonna spend all that time in the studio they could record 3 or 4 of them at the very least -- I kept hearing other voices like Ryan and Genevieve in the background, but they never said anything... I like that SPORT's program encourages you to talk back to the announcement.

    Lately I've been using those 60-90 seconds to type a text message and send it to the Twitter.

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