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VoiceMail Reviews: P.S. 69

Download VoiceMail Review 08
Length: 0:29

Ryan leaves a review for Susan Jeremy's P.S. 69 in th Orange Venue. Call 321-441-3964 to leave your review.

Show: P.S.

VoiceMail Reviews: Six Characters: Best Show EVER!

Download VoiceMail Review 07
Length: 0:32

Ryan leaves a review for punk-rock-buster-keaton-vaudeville act Six Characters in th Purple Venue.

VoiceMail Reviews: Poofy du Vey in Burden of Poof

Download VoiceMail Review 06
Length: 0:40

Ryan leaves a review for Burden of Poof in th Yellow Venue. Three shows left.

VoiceMail Reviews: Heart of Coal

Download VoiceMail Review 05
Length: 0:35

Ryan leaves a review for Heart of Coal in th Green Venue.

VoiceMail Reviews: LIVE FEED

Download VoiceMail Review 04
Length: 0:49

Ryan leaves a review for LIVE FEED in th Yellow Venue by CineDance Jazz Dance. Their last show is TONIGHT!

So day 5 you say….

Day 5 aka Tuesday is a repeat day of Monday, you know the kind, it just seems the amse but different. I find myself in place to break my personal record of 32 Fringe year with 19 shows seen before the half way point, which is today!
My 5 started at one of those shows that is near and dear to my heart (and maybe on day to my wallet) Mark Baratelli’s Improv Cabaret in the blue venue. I am very lucky to have seen this show grow since it’s conception last year. Mark almost never stops making me laugh! I laughed so hard I cried.

VoiceMail Reviews: The Honeymoon Period is Officially Over

First I want to say thanks to Brent, Bruce, Sean & Michael and Stephanie for leaving your comments for Dancing with the Porn Stars - I know the shows all appreciate hearing what you have to say.

Download VoiceMail Review 03
Length: 0:40

Ryan leaves a review for The Honeymoon Period is Officially Over in th Pink Venue. Only 2 shows left!

Fringe Bloggers

If you're on MySpace, you'll see the explosion of Fringe blogs going around.

Some shows to watch (I think)

I've just done a massive amount of work on the 2007 Shows page for the site, and I think I have some tips for you...

  1. Go International - We have a few shows coming from overseas and a fair amount from Canada - give these shows a shot.
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