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2008 Patron’s Picks at the Fringe

Patron’s Pick is the only accolade our Fringe Festival bestows on shows, whether local or out of town. I think all of the Picks this year will end up being local, which is a crying shame. I should check previous years and see if out of town shows have earned this honor in the past.

Patron’s Pick day is great - you have the day off of work, you have already sort of seen everything you want to, and you’re also not rushing from one venue to the next and worried about scheduling things, because there is only one show playing at any given time - this makes parking a bit easier, too, from what I can remember.

Genevieve says in today’s newsletter:

Here are the Patron’s Pick winners and their performance times on Monday. We are still waiting on Blue and Brown, as it is a very tight race! As soon as we know, it will be posted on!

Yellow Venue: Skip Peril and the Players of the Lost Trunk, 10:15 am

Fringe Fundraiser: T.J. Dawe’s The Slip-Knot, a benefit for the Fringe, 11:30 am in the Orange Venue

Red Venue: Alice in Wonderland, 1:15 pm

Green Venue: Dysfunctional Fables, 2:20 pm

Orange Venue: When Pigs Fly at 3:30, pm

Silver Venue: Reefer Madness, 4:20 pm

Pink Venue: Here Be Dragons, 10:00 pm

Final Weekend of Fringe

Only 3 more days! (plus Patron’s Pick Day) Looks like When Pigs Fly and Alice in Wonderland have already been announced as Patron’s Picks for their venues, which sort of makes sense. If you’re interested in supporting the Fringe AND seeing TJ Dawe, check out Monday morning at 11:30, when TJ will be performing the Slip Knot.

As we rolled into the weekend last night with some light rain and lots of folks crowding the Shakespeare Center, I noticed three college-looking kids soliciting people for photographs. I walked up to tell them about Blogging Fringe, and it turned out they were the Orlando Metromix “SHOCK SQUAD”! Is Metromix the Sentinel one, that’s going to be changing their name? It’s not CityBeat, is it? It’s one of those. I went to see what coverage they had of the festival, and it was exactly one article - recommendations based on watching the preview. Also, no comments allowed. They asked me to link to them, and in hopes that they link back, here we go.

Check out Orlando Metromix’s Fringe Photoset - lots of familiar faces in there.

TJ Dawe Sells His Body for Charity

Looks like TJ will be doing a special one-time-only show on Monday (Patron's Pick Day) to directly benefit the Orlando Fringe Festival.

The Slip-Knot
Orange Venue in the Orlando Shakespeare Center
Monday, May 26th, Patron's Pick Day
90 minute show

All proceeds go to Orlando Fringe!

This reminds me of something I read in a comment on Elizabeth Maupin's blog recently.

Orlando Fringe Begins!

Last night was the first day of shows for the 2008 Orlando International Fringe Theatre Festival, and I must say the Fringe has got a lot of great stuff going on! So many wonderful shows, both from Orlando regulars and some new folks as well - there’s even a show that takes place in the women’s bathroom! No matter what happens at this year’s festival, you’ll be sure to find daily updates at

First thing you’ll notice is that the size of “The Green” has about tripled in size, with the Beer Tent remaining the center of attention. Because of the Fringe Membership drive and the special treatment for VIP members, beer/wine tickets are now $4 each, but I’ve seen some folks getting $1 off with their badges.

May is a Kickass Month for Arts Events in Orlando

Why is May such a great month for holding events? Sure, for our Northern friends, it means the end of bad weather, the opening of roller coaster parks, and a change in the scenery as the trees and flowers start to show their summer colors, but here in Florida, it’s more like the start of the summer’s hot, humid, rainy monotony, the arrival of the tourists, time-share owners, kids on summer vacation, religious zealots protesting Gay Days, and of course, bad drivers in rental cars.

From the mind of Beth Marshall

In Beth's latest MySpace blog, she leaves a review for the play currently at the Parliament House's Lightfoot Theater The Little Dog Laughed (directed by David Lee).

Beth praises the Parliament House, saying "No other bar in town has been anywhere near as successful in doing so to showcase theatre."

She also gives us a great run-down of what to expect from the community in the next month.

Upcoming Things to do, audition for, see, participate in etc...

On a daily basis- please

Ryan Price and Julie Norris on Front Porch Radio

Download the podcast

Julie hosts new locals only show on WPRK 91.5 | Dandelion Communitea Cafe

Front Porch is a weekly radio show hosted by Julie Norris, Proprietor of Dandelion Communitea Cafe, and focuses on all things local. Each week features a different guest making a difference locally with eclectic blends of local music and various ramblings about what is happening in OurLando.

Tune your dial to WPRK 91.5 or listen online at every Wednesday at noon.

Front Porch Radio is now a podcast as well.

A Night with the Girls 2

Our good friend and the website producer for the Orlando Fringe, Mark Baratelli, has returned from his tour of I Love a Piano, and he's organizing another night of cabaret to benefit a local charity. I'm so sorry I missed the last event, because I love the female voice, but I won't be missing this one for sure.

Screwged! at Theatre Downtown

Show: Screwged!
Company: Wayburn Sassy & Co. - Orlando, FL
Venue: Theatre Downtown

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