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Zombies! Organize!!

Zombie Girlfriend
Doodie Humor
Orange Venue

Doodie Humor is back once again, to satirize moral satire and basically gross us out to the point we laugh. Real hard. And with spurting blood, nasty talk, pimps, hoes, flesch-eaters, horror-obsessed best friends (there’s one of those in every single post-Scream horror films, isn’t there? Self-reflexive much?), and the most hilarious mime you will ever meet, they succeed tremendously. At some points the show seems slow, but maybe it’s just the fast edit madness of everything else going on at the Fringe.

VoiceMail Reviews: Murder on West 18th

Download VoiceMail Review 11
Length: 1:00

Paige leaves some comments for Murder on West 18th in th Red Venue.

VoiceMail Reviews: Radio Rickshaw/Matador

Download VoiceMail Review 10
Length: 3:35

John and company, repping, review Matador and several other Fringe productions.

VoiceMail Reviews: SPORT: REMATCH

Download VoiceMail Review 09
Length: 0:24

Ryan leaves a review for the hilarious and highly anticipated SPORT: REMATCH in th Silver Venue.

VoiceMail Reviews: P.S. 69

Download VoiceMail Review 08
Length: 0:29

Ryan leaves a review for Susan Jeremy's P.S. 69 in th Orange Venue. Call 321-441-3964 to leave your review.

Show: P.S.

VoiceMail Reviews: Six Characters: Best Show EVER!

Download VoiceMail Review 07
Length: 0:32

Ryan leaves a review for punk-rock-buster-keaton-vaudeville act Six Characters in th Purple Venue.

VoiceMail Reviews: Poofy du Vey in Burden of Poof

Download VoiceMail Review 06
Length: 0:40

Ryan leaves a review for Burden of Poof in th Yellow Venue. Three shows left.

VoiceMail Reviews: Heart of Coal

Download VoiceMail Review 05
Length: 0:35

Ryan leaves a review for Heart of Coal in th Green Venue.

VoiceMail Reviews: LIVE FEED

Download VoiceMail Review 04
Length: 0:49

Ryan leaves a review for LIVE FEED in th Yellow Venue by CineDance Jazz Dance. Their last show is TONIGHT!

“I don’t want to deal with shitty art just because it’s Canadian”

Once again, TJ Dawe needs no help with promotions. None at all. His three shows this year are selling hugely, and rightly so.

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