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I love this time of year!

Wow! What a fun night!! Opening night of the 16th Annual Orlando FRINGE! All decked out in my mod 60's best I headed to the 1st offical night of Fringe!!! Mingling with people some of which I haven’t seen since last year, I chatted it up with the likes of John Sullivan and friends from Suitcase of Memories, Jamesson Beane and Logan Donohoo of Coming In, Mark Baratelli of Improv Cabaret just to name a few.

Starlight: Cabaret for $12, Student Price

Over at Starlight Theater's MySpace Blog you see an exciting deal: $12 for the opening weekend of Cabaret, as in the musical, which is an enourmous savings over the regular price. They also made the deal for a Friday night, when Starlight also does a cabaret night with a full bar after the show.

Exclusive Announcement, Retraction

Keeping exclusivity in mind, I won't spoil it for you, but I will say this is something we discussed on our Fringe Thinktank Podcast that we never thought could happen.

I also want to make a formal retraction of some state

My Traditional Ethnic Wedding

Show: Songs of Mirth and Mayhem
Company: Paul Mesner Puppets
Venue: Mad Cow Theatre (corner of Pine St. and Magnolia Ave.)
Show times: Thu Nov 2, 10:15 PM;
Tickets: $15
Call: 407-297-8788 - info and tickets

When I spoke with Paul Mesner tonight, he told me that Songs of Mirth and Mayhem is a much younger program than Wiley and the Hairy Man (a few months compared to a few decades). Still, my 24-year-old self found this show to be even better than Hairy Man. In no way is this show intended for young people, covering several adult subjects including drugs, sex, and violence!

The show is primarily a cabaret,

Holy Night

Show: The Traveler
Company: Dramaton Theater
Venue: Mad Cow Theatre (corner of Pine St. and Magnolia Ave.)
Show times: Thu Nov 2, 9:15 PM; Fri Nov 3, 7:45 PM;
Tickets: $15
Call: 407-297-8788 - info and tickets

I didn't know what to expect from The Traveler going in to the show. What I found was something very special. New York's Dramaton Theater made themselves famous doing non-verbal theatre, but the Traveler is more straightforward. The play is a collection three short stories about people on literal different walks of life. The first two stories are adapted from previous works, namely Richard Midleton's On the Brighton Road (1911) and William Yeats' Purgatory (1922). The third story was written for Dramaton by Enma Ito of Fantoma Theater Company of Osaka, Japan. The stories really go together to make up a whole in this piece: hats off, kids.

Possibly the most notable part of the show are the puppets.

Fly, Wood Chips, Fly!

Show: Wiley and the Hairy Man
Company: Paul Mesner Puppets
Venue: Mad Cow Theatre (corner of Pine St. and Magnolia Ave.)
Show times: Wed, Nov 1, 7:00 PM; Fri, Nov 3, 10:30 AM; Fri, Nov 3, 1:00 PM;
Tickets: $15, $12 with Student ID
Call: 407-297-8788 - info and tickets

Paul Mesner is clearly an accomplished puppet performer and builder. I know this because he performed the entire show on his own, live, doing all the voices AND running the tape machine! Paul has been performing Wiley for almost 20 years now, testified by the fact that some of the puppets are built from "Reagan Era Government Cheese Boxes".

“as Judy Garland sings”

I had the impression going in that this was going to be a Wanzie-fest, but came out impressed by Tommy Wooten, and loving the ever-lovely, multi-taleted Becky Fisher even more.

Show: The Lion Queen and the Naked Go-Go Cub
Venue: Orange Venue (Margeson Theatre @ Orlando Shakespeare Festival)
Show times: 5-20 @ 8:00pm, 5-21 @ 10:20pm, 5-22 @ 8:40pm, 5-24 @ 7:00pm, 5-26 @ 11:35pm, 5-27 @ 4:50pm and 5-28 @ 12:00pm, encore
Tickets: $10

Streakin’ is lost on me

I was not alive in the 70's, therefore, 9 out of 10 of the jokes in Streakin' were not funny to me.

Show: Streakin'!
Venue: Orange Venue (Margeson Theatre @ Orlando Shakespeare Festival)
Show times: 5-19 @ 8:20pm, 5-20 @ 4:00m, 5-21 @ 12:00pm, 5-22 @ 6:30pm, 5-24 @ 11:20pm, 5-27 @ 8:00pm and 5-28 @ 8:50pm
Tickets: $10

“cheeky Candian fuh-ah!”

For all of the "staff" at, TJ Dawe has obviously been a huge part of our experience. Seeing that most of us had already seen Charles Ross's One Man Lord of the Rings, One Man Star Wars et. al., both of which TJ directed, and most of us girls simply fell in love with him, he was a big name from the start of the week.

And then we got to interview him.

And we saw him at Mark's show.

And then I saw his show, Canadian Bartender at Butlin's.

Sorry, you missed Real Time

What a great story, and now they are going back to Alberta. That was just some good old-fashioned theatre, and if you saw it you don't need to hear it from me, and if you didn't see it shame on you.

Show: Real Time
Venue: Purple Venue (Tupperware Theatre at Orlando Repertory Theatre)
Times: 5-20 @ 2:20pm, 5-21 @ 7:00pm, 5-22 @ 11:45pm, 5-23 @ 10:00pm, 5-25 @ 6:00pm, 5-26 @ 11:25pm and 5-27 @ 9:35pm
Tickets: $10

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