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Calculus: The Musical!

Apparently, these two from Austin, TX doesn’t need my help. I was told by a professed math lover the other night at the Blogging Fringe tent that he had wanted to see Calculus, but that it had been sold out every night. I believe it, too. The crowd on Saturday night was packed almost to capacity, and everyone, mostly older patrons, laughed at every single joke fired off.

Matt and Ben

Being my first Fringe show for the year, I guess I had high expectations. Really, I was just excited about being back in this den of debauchery, seeing great performances.

Also, being the VH1 aficionado and pop culture fiend that I am, this show intrigued me. It also intrigued me that this was the same company last year that put on tape – while they were still in high school. Holy shit. I didn’t see their production last year, but being familiar with the movie adaptation of the play, I would have been terrified of the subject matter when I was in high school.

So day 5 you say….

Day 5 aka Tuesday is a repeat day of Monday, you know the kind, it just seems the amse but different. I find myself in place to break my personal record of 32 Fringe year with 19 shows seen before the half way point, which is today!
My 5 started at one of those shows that is near and dear to my heart (and maybe on day to my wallet) Mark Baratelli’s Improv Cabaret in the blue venue. I am very lucky to have seen this show grow since it’s conception last year. Mark almost never stops making me laugh! I laughed so hard I cried.

VoiceMail Reviews: The Honeymoon Period is Officially Over

First I want to say thanks to Brent, Bruce, Sean & Michael and Stephanie for leaving your comments for Dancing with the Porn Stars - I know the shows all appreciate hearing what you have to say.

Download VoiceMail Review 03
Length: 0:40

Ryan leaves a review for The Honeymoon Period is Officially Over in th Pink Venue. Only 2 shows left!

Fringe Bloggers, Part Deux

So I read the MySpace blogs just about every day, and naturally there is a bit of an explosion over there right now. Seeing as I don't have enough time to add everybody to the Blogtracker, I will do some posts by hand.

Here's some stuff by John Carollo (he has 3 pieces for sale in Visual Fringe), mostly about P.S.

VoiceMail Reviews: VarieTEASE: Carnivale

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Length: 1:16

Logan leaves a review for Blue's VarieTEASE.

No fair! Real life gets in the way….

Today, day 2 aka Saturday was a get a really cool toy but then you have to go to Grandma’s day. You know when for whatever reason you finally got a snazzy toy you’ve been waiting for forever but then you have to leave it because you have to go to Grandma’s house. That was my Saturday! Just when the Fringe is in full swing I have to leave it and go to work! At least I got to play for just a bit before rushing off to work the box office for Camelot. At least it’s my final shift while the fringe is here.

Holy Jesus in Montana… I’m already tired

And it’s only day 2!

Tonight was a good salad night. You know, when you have a salad and it’s just the right mix. Not too much lettuce or dressing or other random vegetables that you might enjoy. It was a fun night with just the right shows, food from the fringe vendors and chat with Fringe friends! Megan from ">Cupid and Psyche (orange venue) tells me she was pleased with their first show and that they came in on time!

The Art of the Kill

I'd say I know less about Matadors and Bull Fights than I do about American Football (and that's not much). Still, no more than the most basic of knowledge of the sport / art form is required to follow the story. In short, it is an ensemble drama that leads up to... you guessed it, a bull fight.

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