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2008 Fringe applications now Online

The all-new website has a link to the 2008 Fringe artist application. I am helping out with some programming and implementation of the site this year, and I'm very honored to be able to help out.

Orlando’s Performing Arts Center Approved

That's right. Thursday night, July 26th, 2007 the Orange County Commission met and voted on the building of a new sports arena (for the Orlando Magic, the old one is to be sold and demolished), some renovations on the 70+ year old Citrus Bowl (home of the Capital One Bowl, the Champs Sports Bowl, and... not much else), and of most importance to you, the Dr.

Best of the Fest @ Theatre Downtown

Lotsa lotsa things going on lately - changes going on at the / Blogging Fringe / OrlandoScene.TV / Florida Creatives offices (my desk). Still, I can't NOT announce this.

Theatre downtown is giving some of the best Fringe shows a chance to do an encore - not all of them, not all the patron's picks, just whoever they asked or whoever agreed to do it - plenty of shows have other performances, like VarieTEASE at Parliament House. Anyway, lots of our Fringe favorites will be playing in early August, just a scant block away from Loch Haven Park.

Here's the schedule:

Friday Aug.

I know what you’re doing Saturday Night

You have no choice. Unless your Grandma is on her death bed and can't wait another 90 minutes, you are going to see Heronymus. If you don't think you want to go, I'll buy you the damn tickets.
Heronymus Returns
Buy Tickets

Sometimes, it’s not over!

My friend Jason from Notco tells me that VarieTEASE is hitting the road! Good luck!! If you missed them @ the Fringe you missed a GREAT show!!! So don't pass up the opportunities below!

And so far they're doing a performance of past, present and future Varitease

and then 2 shows for Gaydays!
repost from Notco's bulliten...

Hi, We’re Blogging Fringe, and We Know Our Sh*t

It seems the last time we wrote a sparkling review of a then somewhat lesser known artist at Fringe, he won Patron’s Pick. (And he used our quote on his promotional materials, which drove our stock up!) I took a certain sense of pride in knowing that we had picked ourselves a winner. For me, I think when the critical voice meets the things that move people, you have truly great art.

Quick update on the Fabbys!

I realise now - I should have left this on the Blogging Fringe Voicemail Review Hotline.

Six Characters for FREE?

From the Six Characters Blog:


Just a quick announcement to let all Fringe Festival Volunteers know that our show this evening is going to be dedicated to all you hard-working volunteers that make this festival happen and keep things moving! (read that as FREE for Volunteers!!)

Come see Best Show Ever!

Biting the Bullet - I’m just one of Y’all

OK, so I realised some time today that I alone cannot make all the videos, take all the pictures, do all the blog posts I want to do AND update the MySpace AND write reviews - I think I have 4 or more reviews I want to do, and they might never get the level of attention I think they deserve.

It's official - if I ask people to write reviews in comments, so should I. If I ask people to leave reviews on the voicemail (321-441-3964), so should I. If I want people to leave reviews on video, so should I and so should all the bloggers.

Fringe Programs (changes)

With less than a week until the festival, you can now pick up programs all around Orlando - I've got one from Stardust. In a seemingly typical fashion, there are errors in the program. They're correct on the Fringe Website and our individual shows pages, so don't worry if you're looking online, but make sure you double check if your show has dancing canvases, Marlon Brando, or dance/film mash-ups. CineDance only has three shows to begin with, so you don't want to miss one because of a misprint.

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