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Wilson Loria's Latest: The Habit

'The Habit' opens on September 26 and 27, 2009 at the
Catherine Hickman Theatre in Gulfport, St. Petersburg at 3 PM. See address below please.
Habit wings 72.jpg
As usual, I'd love to see you in the audience. Tickets are available by calling at 727-656-8053. I will gladly send you tickets (in advance, seniors and students at $13 each) by mail. The price is $15 at the door. Let me know if you want them by mail ASAP. Drop me a line or call.

In a daring look at a religious woman facing the crossroads of her life, The Habit guides its audience from the familiar images of docile convent life to a path sprinkled with hints of a more profane one. Meeting a charming young man—more of the scoundrel type—at the hospital where she works as a nurse, she keeps hearing him telling his enchanting and magical stories. Suddenly, in a do-or-die move, she accepts his offer of eloping with him. However, as the play moves on, the audience is not really quite sure if HE is a figment of her imagination, or if SHE is a figment of his. Through music, dance, mime—following Loria’s idea of what theater should be—The Habit portrays, most importantly, a human being’s moment of truth, as everyone in the audience may have experienced at least once in their own lives.

Here's the link to the description of the show:

See you at the theater.
Thank YOU!!!

Hear a Blogging Fringe interview with Wilson Loria, Jeremy Seghers, and Brandon Haydon

Fringe 2010 Applications Open, $50 off before 9/15

Beth has sent out an announcement about the application for the 2010 Orlando Fringe. The normal $250 application fee is $50 off if you apply before September 15th.

Greetings Fringers!~
Artists Guidelines
2010 Orlando International Fringe Theatre Festival, May 20th - 31st
It's that time again to start gearing up for the 2010 ORLANDO FRINGE!!!
Applications will be accepted Sept. 1st-Nov. 15th 2009. All guidelines and applications will be at by Sept. 1st!

GET YOUR APPLICATION IN WITHIN THE 1st 2 weeks to receive a $50-$100 discount!

Here is a heads up on the guidelines! Please spread the word!


Apply to 10 CAFF Festivals with one Application for 2010

I saw this on the Canadian Association of Fringe Festivals site - you can get in the lottery for several festivals and have guaranteed tour dates in September if you apply through CAFF's Touring Lottery.

This post was actually written as a draft back in February, but it seemed silly to blog about the 2010 festival circuit before the 2009 festival had started.

While there is tremendous satisfaction in spending time per

Hoop de Doo at Fringe

Lacy from the Orlando Community Hooping Initiative (CHI) tells us about her plans for a Hula-Hooping meetup at Blue Jacket Park in Baldwin Park every Thursday from 6-8PM.

According to the flyer, poi spinners, jugglers, drummers, musicians, circus artists and other skill toy technicians are welcome.

The Game Has Officialy Started!

About 30 game cards are now floating around the festival... I know that's a very small number, considering there are tens of thousands of people that will shuttle through Loch Haven Park in the next 2 weeks, but it's a start.

Picking Mushrooms
Their mission was to pick mushrooms together.

Loving on a Bald Person
Anna's achievement of "Loving up on a Bald Person".

Sharing Photos
Theresa, Kids' Fringe Producer, brought up a good point - if it says "photo", or if I choose to use a photo as my proof, what do I do with it?

I say just post it wherever you normally do. If you use Flickr, that's my #1 recommendation. MySpace and Facebook are fine too. Some of you may have Picasa, Photobucket, Twitpic or other photo-sharing sites.

Wherever you put your photos, if you DON'T want them re-posted here, please say so.

The Whuffie Factor (AKA the Game) Orlando Fringe

This year at the Fringe, Blogging Fringe has created a game we hope you're really going to love. The object is to earn Whuffie, which is the most valuable currency known to man.


What's a Whuffie?

Whuffie are virtual points which represent respect, a "Reputation Currency". You earn whuffie as people credit you out of respect, gratitude, pity, lust, love, or any other motive for popularity.

"Whuffie recaptured the true essence of money: in the old days, if you were broke but respected, you wouldn't starve; contrariwise, if you were rich and hated, no sum could buy you security and peace. By measuring the thing that money really represented — your personal capital with your friends and neighbors — you more accurately gauged your success".

Fringe Reviews, Awards, Guides and more from the Daily City

Mark Baratelli's incredible arts and culture blog is going after Fringe in a big way. This year, the Daily City will bring you an opportunity to give back to Fringe. Daily City Fringe coverage

Find helpful links, ALL the reviews, festival info, shows, and awards, ALL ON ONE PAGE. That's mobile-phone friendly, and you can't beat that. Mark is a genius, and he's proved it once again.

You all remember Mark from his shows like Improv Cabaret and How Do You Feel?, but Mark has also been the man behind the curtain of the official Fringe web presence for the last few years.


I Heart Fringe
The Orlando International Fringe Theatre Festival invites you to show your love for Fringe by attending I Heart Fringe, this year’s Fab Fringe Fundraising event, at 6:00 pm on Monday, February 16th at the Lowndes Shakespheare Center in Loch Haven Park.

The event will feature performances by veteran Fringe favorites, including VarieTEASE, Voci Dance, CineDance Jazz Dance, Pepe, Jeff Jones, and Checkerboard Productions,

TJ Dawe Sells His Body for Charity

Looks like TJ will be doing a special one-time-only show on Monday (Patron's Pick Day) to directly benefit the Orlando Fringe Festival.

The Slip-Knot
Orange Venue in the Orlando Shakespeare Center
Monday, May 26th, Patron's Pick Day
90 minute show

All proceeds go to Orlando Fringe!

This reminds me of something I read in a comment on Elizabeth Maupin's blog recently.

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