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Orlando Puppet Festival Begins!

Uh-oh! Some of our first Non-Fringe content starts to leak in. The Orlando Puppet Festival opened today with a wine and cheese reception, followed by a screening of Handmade Puppet Dreams, a collection of shorts compiled by Heather Henson and Michelle Renee Bousquet. Following that was one of many presentations of Paul Mesner's Wiley and the Hairy Man.

Mark’s Advice For Marketing Your Show

From Mark Baratelli's MySpace Blog:

-get good photos
-make video and audio pieces while your show is not in performance
-pass along good material to help spread the word about groups
-submit your cool photos/video/slide shows to the Fringe Myspace and be featured
-And of course, subscribe to the Fringe blog

He left one out: send an email to info@bloggingfri

Voci Dance Out of the Box

Voci Dance is hosting an experience downtown all this weekend at the brand new CityArts Factory.

New Season, MySpace Theme, Recruiting

All Hallow's 10 is over, Fringe applications are due in a few days... what does that mean?

Time do make the interviews!!

To you, loyal readers of (yes, all 20 of you, and a few MySpace friends) I pose the following charges:

  1. If you are participating in an upcoming Fringe show in any market (America, Canada, Europe, etc.), I would like to hear from you. Send an email to and let me know.

Orlando Performing Arts Center? (OPAC)

I think everyione reading this blog can agree that a performing arts center would greatly improve the quality of life and the image to outsiders for Orlando and Central Florida. I saw over on Mark Baratelli's MySpace blog his post of a video trying to get support for OPAC. He did not make it, but he appears prominently at the end, along with an earlier shot of several SAK performers.

Fringe Launches a New Site

Inevitably, festivals like the fringe will launch a new web page every year -- SXSW, FFF, OFF (they aren't even at the same URL this year), the list goes on. Check out this year's offering:

Fringe Launches a New Site
Posted from Flickr

The problem with this constant cycle of ::slack off:: ::panic:: ::get donated service:: ::slap stuff together:: ::relauch:: ::cram info into a very small space:: remains that it is a major headache every year, and in my opinion an exercise in futility. Someone who knows what they're doing (and I am not saying anything against Rachel Joyce, I went to school with her and she is very knowledgable) to sit sdown and take the time to think about where things should go an how they should be organized. It's called information design, and it is a highly specialized field. I'm not saying we need to call in the big boys for this, but from seeing what I have in previous years, most festivals need an information archticture like they need to sell tickets.

Fringe Has A New MySpace

It looks like our old acquaintance Mark Baratelli is now in charge of the Orlando Fringe's MySpace profile (and blogging?). Since things are beginning to take shape on that front, things will start to take shape here as well. I can't say when, but this site will be moving sometime before the end of the year so we can get some new software installed to help Fringe patrons and artists get a real dialogue going.

I don't think MySpace is going to be the only way for people to communicate like it was last year.

All Hollow’s 10 - 20/21/27/26?

I think there are some serious typographic errors over on the upcoming events page at - just because you say you've got a "new website coming in September" doesn't mean you can slack off on proofreading like you did last year.

The point of this post is not to get down on typos, but to let you know about the Fringe's fundraising event, All Hallow's 10.

Fringe Thinktank 01

Mark Baratelli of Improv Cabaret and Fransisco Laboy of the McGrawsky Files join Blogging Fringe's Ryan Price for a thinktank discussion about how future Fringes can be improved for patrons, producers and organizers alike.

Blogging Fringe Podcast 04
Length: 56:34

The file is just an MP3 - no iPod is required to listen to this show, although that is a popular way to enjoy podcasts.

Boris and WHiRR

You simply must check out Katharine's Photoset of Fringe-goers and Fringe celebs posing with Boris, her super-fun robot. It was great having the WHiRR tent be my home away from home. My business, Cervo Systems, sponsored the tent, and Katharine is my friend, so I hung out there quite a bit. This festival would not have been the same without Katharine, Kristian, Boris and a home base.

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