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Do you get what you pay for?

Show: Life: The Evolution of Man (abridged)
Venue: Green Venue (Tupperware Theatre @ Orlando Repertory Theatre)
Show times: 5-19 @ 10:00pm, 5-20 @ 7:15pm, 5-21 @ 8:00pm, 5-23 @ 6:00pm, 5-25 @ 9:20pm, 5-26 @ 11:20pm and 5-27 @ 1:45pm
Tickets: $10

Over the Hump

Gosh, where to start? So much has happened this week!

First of all I want to give some link love to Spider, though I can't say I know this guy's real name. He was one of the first people to comment on the site, pay for a button, call me cute this week (it's on his blog), and remember my name at the ticket booth. He has linked to us multiple times throughout the week, and I bet he is reading this now, so THANK YOU!

I have had multiple opportunities to shake hands with Steve Schneider this week, but I never know what I will say.


Show: Wilson Loria's OENS
Venue: Pink Venue (Mandell Theatre @ Shakespeare Festival)
Show times: 5-19 @ 11:10pm, 5-20 @ 2:35pm, 5-21 @ 3:55pm, 5-22 @ 10:40pm, 5-26 @ 6:00pm, 5-27 @ 12:55pm and 5-28 @ 7:10pm
Tickets: $9

Interview with Mark Baratelli on PFA Podcast

Show: Improv Cabaret
Venue: Blue Venue (Studio B @ Shakespeare Festival)
Show times: 5-20 @ 2:25pm, 5-21 @ 5:00pm, 5-22 @ 8:25pm, 5-24 @ 6:15pm, 5-25 @ 9:45pm, 5-27 @ 3:45pm and 5-28 @ 12:00pm
Tickets: $7

Mark Baratelli did a very recent guest spot on one of our podcasts, You can't spell crapface without PFA. The show is hosted by Myla Goldberg and The Captain of the Other Team (AKA Ryan Price, who you may have met at Fringe), and is often irreverant and offensive.

If you just can't stand 72 minutes of Mark, Emily and Ryan, I spent 3 hours cutting together this new-and-improved 20-minute-long version for the short of attention span (or time). Here is the link:

Blogging Fringe Podcast 01
Length: 20:16

Selling My Toes

As Emily and I sat waiting for Fat Camp (which I loved) to start, three young women (whom I later dubbed "the Giggle Squad") were sitting next to us amusing themselves. The one closest to us turns over in the middle of a story and says "this is a funny story". I only caught the tail end, but girl #3 was chasing down her runaway dog, got hit by a car, and forgot all the math she learned in college.

Lilly, Lila, Queens and Go-Go Dancers

Show: Lilly and Lila's Lovely Lesbian Hour
Venue: Brown Venue (Orlando Philharmonic @ Shakespeare Festival)
Show times: 5-19 @ 10:20pm, 5-20 @ 7:30pm, 5-22 @ 6:45pm, 5-23 @ 10:20pm, 5-24 @ 8:40pm, 5-27 @ 12:45pm and 5-28 @ 6:40pm
Tickets: $10

Fringe Begins!

Well, it's official. The 15th Annual Orlando International Fringe Festival is officially underway, with no help very little help from me. I drove my roommate over to the Gala 80's Prom Themed opening, the one with the amazing and wild paint dance by Mariko (pictures here), but I had to turn around and promptly and abruptly leave.

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