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VoiceMail Reviews: Six Characters: Best Show EVER!

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Length: 0:32

Ryan leaves a review for punk-rock-buster-keaton-vaudeville act Six Characters in th Purple Venue.

VoiceMail Reviews: Poofy du Vey in Burden of Poof

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Length: 0:40

Ryan leaves a review for Burden of Poof in th Yellow Venue. Three shows left.

VoiceMail Reviews: Heart of Coal

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Length: 0:35

Ryan leaves a review for Heart of Coal in th Green Venue.

VoiceMail Reviews: LIVE FEED

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Ryan leaves a review for LIVE FEED in th Yellow Venue by CineDance Jazz Dance. Their last show is TONIGHT!

Six Characters for FREE?

From the Six Characters Blog:


Just a quick announcement to let all Fringe Festival Volunteers know that our show this evening is going to be dedicated to all you hard-working volunteers that make this festival happen and keep things moving! (read that as FREE for Volunteers!!)

Come see Best Show Ever!

Video: PIE FIGHT! Orlando Fringe 2007

On Monday night at the Orlando Fringe, the cast of Six Characters: Best Show Ever from NY, NY had an event where patrons got to throw pies in the face of a character.

Later, Rye from Influx Dance (Boston, MA) gave our producer Ryan a rainbow tattoo sporting the phrase "Become a Rockstar".

VoiceMail Reviews: The Honeymoon Period is Officially Over

First I want to say thanks to Brent, Bruce, Sean & Michael and Stephanie for leaving your comments for Dancing with the Porn Stars - I know the shows all appreciate hearing what you have to say.

Download VoiceMail Review 03
Length: 0:40

Ryan leaves a review for The Honeymoon Period is Officially Over in th Pink Venue. Only 2 shows left!

Fringe Bloggers, Part Deux

So I read the MySpace blogs just about every day, and naturally there is a bit of an explosion over there right now. Seeing as I don't have enough time to add everybody to the Blogtracker, I will do some posts by hand.

Here's some stuff by John Carollo (he has 3 pieces for sale in Visual Fringe), mostly about P.S.

Biting the Bullet - I’m just one of Y’all

OK, so I realised some time today that I alone cannot make all the videos, take all the pictures, do all the blog posts I want to do AND update the MySpace AND write reviews - I think I have 4 or more reviews I want to do, and they might never get the level of attention I think they deserve.

It's official - if I ask people to write reviews in comments, so should I. If I ask people to leave reviews on the voicemail (321-441-3964), so should I. If I want people to leave reviews on video, so should I and so should all the bloggers.

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