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A Night with the Girls 2

Our good friend and the website producer for the Orlando Fringe, Mark Baratelli, has returned from his tour of I Love a Piano, and he's organizing another night of cabaret to benefit a local charity. I'm so sorry I missed the last event, because I love the female voice, but I won't be missing this one for sure.

Orlando Puppet Festival Schedule

This weekend, for the third year in a row now, I will say to my fellow Fringe Fanatics "You MUST check out the Orlando Puppet Festival". This event is not for kids (there are some family-friendly shows), but intends to expose Orlando to high-art, cutting-edge expressive puppetry. I've seen dozens of different types of acts, some including human actors, others with minimalist puppets, and even puppets singing cabaret.

Headlining this year's festival are Pennsylvania's Cashore Marionettes with "Life in Motion” and “Simple Gifts”, and Vermont's Sandglass Theatre with “Autumn Portraits” and “Isidor’s Cheek”. If you didn't know this, New England has a thriving puppetry community, including a school in Connecticut with great puppetry programs. We have some of our own here in the South, most notably Atlanta, which is home to the Center for Puppetry Arts.

Another highlight of the festival is Friday night's "late night" show, "Puppets from the Edge", NOT to be missed. This is a bit of an open-mic night for puppets, with everyone from local artists to far-off visitors showing off shorter and more experimental pieces. I have some great video of last year's event if I can ever get some time to edit it down.

Orlando Puppet FestivalA similar type of show is the screening of "Handmade Puppet Dreams" a shorts program of puppet films collected by Heather Henson, which has toured all over the world, from India to California and everywhere in between. Don't miss the current show at the Gallery of Avalon Island (DMAC), which features puppets from the HMPD films.

Just two more events to plug: check out a live outdoor performance of Heather's original piece, "Panther and Crane", inspired by her life in Florida, 8PM Sunday at Hertiage Park in front of the History Center. This play also features our sweethearts Voci Dance. Finally, there will be an OPF wrap party at the Harp and Celt, the downtown bar and restaurant just two doors down from the Mad Cow.

Props to Jamie Donmoyer and Heather for making this great festival even better this year. Multiple venues, family-friendly events (check out the Cupcake Shows), outdoors, films, parties, and of course, some of the most amazing puppetry you will ever see in this town. Order your tickets in advance and get more information by visiting, and I hope to see you all there!

October 26, 27, 28 @ Mad Cow Theatre and 3 other venues closeby.

Orlando Puppet Festival event this weekend

I absolutely love Orlando Puppet Festival.

Can’t wait until October 26th?
Quench your puppetry thirst now, with these upcoming events as we Countdown to OPF 2007!



Join everyone’s favorite puppet host, Chupacabra and human host Tony Giordano as they kick off a hilarious evening of puppetry entertainment in a Potpourri of Puppetry Cabaret!

2008 Fringe applications now Online

The all-new website has a link to the 2008 Fringe artist application. I am helping out with some programming and implementation of the site this year, and I'm very honored to be able to help out.

Orlando’s Performing Arts Center Approved

That's right. Thursday night, July 26th, 2007 the Orange County Commission met and voted on the building of a new sports arena (for the Orlando Magic, the old one is to be sold and demolished), some renovations on the 70+ year old Citrus Bowl (home of the Capital One Bowl, the Champs Sports Bowl, and... not much else), and of most importance to you, the Dr.

Juried vs. Non-Juried

There's a conversation about to get started on Beth Marshall's MySpace about juried vs. non-juried festivals. She quotes and article from the Edmonton (Alberta, Canada) newspaper. Here's a bit of it:

In Edinburgh, venuemanagers choose their plays. Professional work, which deserves a wider audience,debuts at the festival.

Best of the Fest @ Theatre Downtown

Lotsa lotsa things going on lately - changes going on at the / Blogging Fringe / OrlandoScene.TV / Florida Creatives offices (my desk). Still, I can't NOT announce this.

Theatre downtown is giving some of the best Fringe shows a chance to do an encore - not all of them, not all the patron's picks, just whoever they asked or whoever agreed to do it - plenty of shows have other performances, like VarieTEASE at Parliament House. Anyway, lots of our Fringe favorites will be playing in early August, just a scant block away from Loch Haven Park.

Here's the schedule:

Friday Aug.

Starlight Ignored by the Sentinel?

So believes the person running the Starlight Theatre's MySpace Blog. Here's the post where they lay it out.

Of course I understand limited resources, cutbacks, etc.

Hate Mail: Jester Theatre Company

As I write this, Muapin is out of town... ha ha! the whole town to myself!!!

I must say that I've never had a face-to-face conversation with anyone involved with Hate Mail... What does this mean? Well, I think it means an un-biased attitude. OK, I have had a little interaction with the Technical Director, but I'm not sure that counts for a review.

I think the 'gimmick' and also one of the least important parts about this play is that every single line that is spoken is in fact part of a letter or a note... I didn't know this going in, and it didn't affect my perception one bit.

Keepin’ the FRINGE CRUSH love alive…

Resident curmudgeon Linwood Sassy posted some link bait for me... I'll bite!

Dammit! I never got the friggen chance to reveal MY "Cringe Crush" at this year's fest. (Some of us are Entertainment LEGENDS and had SOLD OUT shows to do, ya bastards!)

I loved Poofy du Vey. A woman in a clown nose turns me ON!

Oh...and thanks a bunch to you folks that crushed ME.

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