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Video: Orlando Fringe 2007s Visual Fringe

As of Day 4 of the 16th Annual Orlando International Fringe Theatre Festival, the

Fringe Bloggers

If you're on MySpace, you'll see the explosion of Fringe blogs going around.

Video: Orlando Fringe 2007 Day 3

This episode comes to us straight from the official Blogging Fringe tent on the lawn at the Loch Haven Park.

Updated Show Pages

With the Orlando Sentinel, Blogging Fringe, VoiceMail Reviews, the Orlando Fringe Podcast and several other sources pushing out new information all the time, we're trying to keep up to date here. The easiest way is to go to the show page for your show and leave it in a comment.

Ryan’s Day 3

The scene at the tent

So this year for Fringe, in addition to providing day-by-day accounts of what's going on, reviews of the shows we see (we being me and 3+ other people, come help out if you like), making the occasional video and taking some photos, I am doing something else. I have a vendor space in the "Beer Tent" area (beer is NOT Orlando Brewing like I thought).

The Art of the Kill

I'd say I know less about Matadors and Bull Fights than I do about American Football (and that's not much). Still, no more than the most basic of knowledge of the sport / art form is required to follow the story. In short, it is an ensemble drama that leads up to... you guessed it, a bull fight.

Video: Orlando Fringe 2007 Day 1

The 16th Annual Orlando International Fringe Theatre Festival kicked off on May 17th with a series of parties, performances and a

First Flyer (New Badge)

Look for this on the tables and getting stuffed in your hand opening weekend.
Blogging Fringe Card

Blogging Fringe

Fringe Approacheth

This Fringe Festival kicks off this week on Thursday night from 6 to 9 when the Fringe has the opening night party - people will be dressed as hippies with protest buttons and signs. There will be live performances and drinking and good times. I think there are a few official shows that day as well.

Post a badge on your blog!

Yes folks, you can stat your support of blogging at Fringe with no strings attached. You can delete the link at the bottom for all I care.

During the festival you will be able to make a 2" button with your own message on it - this is one of 9 templates that will be available at the Blogging Fringe/Florida Creatives tent in the Fringe Biergarten (I mean out by the beer tent). Come bring your donations for Blogging Fringe on opening weekend and wear a button with your message on it all week long!

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