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Seeking Updates from Montreal Fringe

So, I know Montreal Fringe is going on right now (June 7th - 17th), but I'm a poor blogger living in Orlando, so what do I do? Ask for help!

If you're in the second largest city in Canada and you have an internet connection, a camera, a mobile phone, or even a landline (1-321-441-3964), will proudly play host to your content.

Stupid Theatre Bloggers

When your work appears on the internet and you suggest that the only info you could find was on Maupin's blog, you'd better be ready for some bloggers to find you and slam your shit. Rick Pender from the all-knowing, singing, dancing, elephant-taming CityBeat A&E Blog seems to think that if you can't find information about Patron's Pick on the official website, then it must not be true.

Seriously man, the first comment gives you THREE LINKS to follow! You couldn't find those?

I know what you’re doing Saturday Night

You have no choice. Unless your Grandma is on her death bed and can't wait another 90 minutes, you are going to see Heronymus. If you don't think you want to go, I'll buy you the damn tickets.
Heronymus Returns
Buy Tickets

OK, so now what?

Hot on the heels of posting about Emily's record review, let me point you to P-Sha Productions on YouTube (which I'm sure is temporary until they get a real web site) for one. P-Sha is Denna and her friend Joey's creative venture. You've seen their work in the "Little Mark" videos and Fringe Crush of course.

Quick update on the Fabbys!

I realise now - I should have left this on the Blogging Fringe Voicemail Review Hotline.

Fringe Crush Alert!

Interview: Six Characters: Best Show Ever!

All Six
Blogging Fringe Podcast 10
Length: 37:43

Blogging Fringe is proud to present the cast of this punk-rock-vaudeville-revival show from New York, NY.

VoiceMail Reviews: SPORT: REMATCH

Download VoiceMail Review 09
Length: 0:24

Ryan leaves a review for the hilarious and highly anticipated SPORT: REMATCH in th Silver Venue.

VoiceMail Reviews: P.S. 69

Download VoiceMail Review 08
Length: 0:29

Ryan leaves a review for Susan Jeremy's P.S. 69 in th Orange Venue. Call 321-441-3964 to leave your review.

Show: P.S.

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