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Grandma Party Report: Genevieve Bernard

Yesterday I went to Stardust Video & Coffee for the Grandma Party Craft Bazaar / Outdoor Concert / Charity Fundraiser. I had a blast! My table involved making original buttons out of whatever materials you brought - most people used the provided paper and markers, but I also had people bring photos, magazine clippings and compositing several pieces together.

The purpose of the table was to promote my networking group, the Florida Creatives Happy Hour. Lots of people were interested, including someone readers of this blog should be familiar with...

The Blue/Orange Ball - Save the Date

notco and babyBlueStar are having a fundraising/promotional event for their upcoming 2007 Fringe productions. I hear you can sign up to participate in JAWZ the Musical as an extra during one scene - sounds like lots of fun. I will be visiting the UK, so I can't make it? Do I have any vouknteers to attend and blog about this event? If you own a digital camera, +100 points. Video: +1,000 points. Keyboard and typing skills required.

From MySpace:

Wednesday, April 18, 7-11?

The Blue/Orange Ball ...

Do you love the Fringe? Do something about it!

The Breakdown:

Orlando Fringe has over 80 shows this year. Last year I viewed and reviewed about 17 of them, and a couple of freebie email interviews. Hence, there is no possible way for one person to see all the shows. I'm not even going to try.

What is Fringe?

A script writer with some shows in the Minnesota Fringe recently got asked some questions by a local student and is posting his responses on a website. There is no RSS Feed, no way for me to subscribe or add him to the Blogtracker, so I don't consider it a blog, despite its overt "blogginess". I can say the same for the official Minnesota Fringe site, as well as our own - they should at least link to a myspace blog feed or something.

Fringe Preview Show: April 30th

Reposted from the Fringe MySpace Blog:

3 minute previews from 30 Fringe groups in the 2007 Orlando International Fringe Theatre Festival

Monday, April 30th, 7pm SHARP

The Orlando Rep (Silver Venue)

-For reservations call 407-648-0077 ext. 2 or email

Genevieve Bernard as Orlando’s Associate Producer

Feb 28, 2007
The Orlando International Fringe Theatre Festival is thrilled to announce that we have hired Ms. Genevieve Bernard as our new Associate Producer.

Many of you might know Genevieve from her work as the Artistic Director/Choreographer of VOCI Dance which she has been a part of since 2000.

OSF “Shakes” the Festival from its name

From the Orlando Sentinel

The Orlando theater company best known for Shakespeare is changing its name.

Known for the past 12 years as the Orlando-UCF Shakespeare Festival, the area's largest resident theater company will be called Orlando Shakespeare Theater.

Apparently, the backers of the festival are hoping we the people will start calling it "Orlando Shakes" - hence the snappy title.

DRIP: Paint in Motion

Imagine a painting that can paint itself, dance, look at you, touch other paintings and change those others with its own paint. Sounds too good to be true? It might be, but DRIP is bringing it to us.

There is a great interview with Marla Maribal, the artistic director for DRIP, over on her MySpace page.

Linwood Sassy’s Screw You Review

I've just finished writing a post over on Orlando Video about Dewey Chaffee. You might recognize the name, but if not, just know that he is associated with a certain grumpy old man who has emerged as one of the early adopters of this whole YouTube/MySpace/promote your show/promote early/promote often... thing. If you have a Fringe show, look at what Linwood and Dewey are putting together.

I can't really say what the show is all about, but it's very clear that Linwood thinks our little festival is below his celebrity.

Want to Learn How to Produce a Fringe Show?

The Orlando International Fringe Festival's Producing Artistic Director Returns To Teach Yapinars at The Harriett Lake Festival of New Plays-PlayFest

Have you ever wanted to produce a Fringe show but did not know where to start?

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